12 People On An Island Riddle Answer and Solution With Explanation

12 People On An Island Riddle

In this article, we will answer the 12 People On An Island Riddle. If you are curious to know the answer to this riddle then read this article very carefully. Let me tell you that this is not a complete riddle question and in this article, we have written the complete question for this riddle.

12 People On An Island Riddle
12 People On An Island

This riddle has a very long answer and if you are not very expert in solving the riddle then you have to see our article to understand the riddle and to answer the riddle. This riddle checks your knowledge and IQ level and it also checks your patience level. If you want to answer other riddles after solving this riddle then you can find them on our sites.

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How to find the answer to the 12 People On An Island Riddle?

To find out the answer to the 12 People On An Island Riddle you have to read the full question which is There are 12 men on an island. 11 weigh the same. 1 man is heavier or lighter. There is one seesaw you can use only 3 times. How do you find the odd man out? Is this riddle possible? In this article, you will find the whole solution and how to find the answer. On the internet, you will not find a correct answer.

What is the answer to 12 People On An Island? Riddle

The answer to the “12 People On An Island? Is Written below with the complete solution and explanation for 12 People On An Island? Riddle

The answer to the riddle “12 People On An Island?​” Is 1. First weigh men 1,2,3,4 vs 5,6,7,8.

If they are equal:

2. weigh men 9,10,11 vs 1,2,3.

If they are equal than man 12 is the different one and use the third weight to determine if he is heavier or lighter(ie. 3. man 12 vs 1).

If they are unequal 3. weigh man 9 vs 10. You can take any number of person as heavier or lighter as you know if the different man is heavier or lighter from the second weight so whichever one is heavier or lighter as per the second weigh is the correct answer for this riddle.

If they aren’t equal:

From here, you are going to assume that 1,2,3,4 was lighter. This tells you that exactly one of 1,2,3,4 is light or one of 5,6,7,8 is heavy. Then 2. weigh men 1,2,3,5 vs 4,9,10,11.

If the 1,2,3,5 side is lighter, that means one of 1,2,3 is lighter. 3. Weigh man 1 vs 2. Whichever is lighter is the answer.

If they are equal, it is man 3.

If the two sides of the see-saw were balanced, that means one of the sides 6,7,8 is heavier. Then in the 3rd scenario Weight man 6 vs 7. Again, whichever is heavier is the answer. If they are equal, the answer is 8 number person.

Finally, if the 4,9,10,11 side was lighter, that tells us that either 5 is heavier or 4 is lighter. 3. Weigh man 4 vs 1. If 4 number men is lighter, that is the answer and Else, 5 is the heavier man

What is the solution for 12 People On An Island Riddle

In the first solution, you can split the see-saw with 

To solve this riddle you have to make a chart like below. This cart is the reference for the solution.

L means left, R means right and C means Center

SL. No.








































Now there are three cases and there are three configurations for islanders 

First Use: 1,2,3,4 vs 5,6,7,8

Second Use: 1.,2,5,9 vs 3,4,10,11

Third Use: 3,7,9,10 vs 1,4,6,12

In the three cases of solutions, you have put any one person who may be heavier or lighter along with the other three persons on both sides of the see-saw.

If person number 4 is heavy in all three cases then the see-saw will tilt left in the first case and then tilt right in the second Solution and after that tilt right in the third Solution. So person number four is odd. 

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Because the information is laid out symmetrically you can also go like the below. If person number four is light then the see-saw will tilt the right side in the first case and then the left side in the second case and after that left side in the third case. So person number 4 is odd. 

If you take person number 11 light in all three cases, so person number 11 we are going to center position the see-saw gonna tilt to the left in the first case and then center position, so in the reference, chart center left center is person number 11 and they are light so this is the solution and that’s what makes it so simple there are no case scenarios you don’t have to change the configuration depending on what happens in any case, this always give you the correct solution and you just have to refer the above chart to get it now. This solution works every single time. This works for every single person no matter who it is, it will always give you who it is and whether they are heavy or light. 

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