Adetoun Onajobi Profile, Biography, and Age 2023

Adetoun Onajobi

Adetoun Onajobi Profile: Adetoun Onajobi is a 41 years old famous Nigerian Activist, and women’s rights activist. Adetoun Onajobi is also a news personality and public speaker. Adetoun Onajobi also runs a podcast and she mainly targets Nigerian politicians and businessmen.

Adetoun Onajobi came to the limelight after one of her Twitter video posts went viral in that she asked All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to drop his presidential ambition on the grounds that he is not fit for the position.

Adetoun Onajobi Profile and Biography

Adetoun Onajobi is a Nigerian journalist, podcaster, social media influencer, model, women’s rights activist, news personality, and public speaker. She was a single mother of two children from a previous relationship.

Adetoun Onajobi
Adetoun Onajobi

Adetoun Onajobi was born on September 11, 1981, in Ijebu, Ogun, Nigeria. Adetoun Onajobi is a 41-year-old woman and is a Nigerian citizenship holder. Adetoun Onajobi mainly criticizes Nigerian political leaders for their dirty politics and work. Adetoun Onajobi’s 42nd birthday is on September 11, 2023.

Adetoun Onajobi Career and Education

Adetoun Onajobi is the chief executive officer of her own business. Adetoun Onajobi is the Owner of grubs & stuff. She is one of the famous and most renowned critics of Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Adetoun Onajobi attended Imota Community Grammer School and after that, she attended O & A Academy and graduated in 1995.

Adetoun Onajobi Biography 

Adetoun Onajobi is a Singer, Songwriter, Activist, and Socialite. Adetoun Onajobi has over 7 qualifications and she and her company Babylogy is the biggest, most recognized, and most qualified baby food stockist in Africa and beyond.

Adetoun Onajobi is a loudspeaker of the Federal Republic. Alongside her news personality career, she is also a musician and her goal is to win the grammy award.

She released her songs like Omo, Owo,  End SARS Fallen Heros, Adeyanju, and Olufiji. Adetoun Onajobi is a Yoruba Woman. 

Adetoun Onajobi Parents 

For now, we don’t know Adetoun Onajobi’s parents names but as per sources her father owned Onajobi’s carpet business. Adetoun Onajobi’s mother was from Aghor in Edo State, and her father of Yoruba. 

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Adetoun Onajobi Husband 

Adetoun Onajobi previously was in a relationship with a stranger and many say she had a girlfriend previously. Now Adetoun Onajobi is married to a man named Larry. The couple has a daughter named Ashabi. Adetoun Onajobi also has a son named Pamilerinayo. 

Adetoun Onajobi Net Worth 

Adetoun Onajobi’s net worth is close to ₦10 Million. Adetoun Onajobi is the owner of babylogy and it is one of the biggest baby food stylists in Nigeria and In the whole African continent.

Adetoun Onajobi is also a singer and songwriter and she also earns income from news podcasts and activism. Adetoun Onajobi is a member of the Federal Republic.

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