Ajay Ogula

Ajay Ogula Dubai Lottery Winner 2022: Ajay Ogula is an Indian Citizen who was working as a driver in the UAE and has won Dirhams 15 million ( ₹33 crores) as the grand prize in a weekly lottery. Ajay Ogula is one of many people who won this prize money and he is now the official Millionaire of India.

Ajay Ogula
Ajay Ogula

Ajay Ogula now will travel to India with his ₹33 crore prize money and he was welcomed in India by his family members who saw him going to Dubai to earn money for their daily bread and now he has earned money which will give them bread for their whole life. In India, people are eagerly waiting to know about Ajay Ogula and his ₹33 crores winning story.

Who is Ajay Ogula and How He Won ₹33 crore

Ajay Ogula is an Indian Citizen who was a driver at a jewelry firm. Ajay Ogula came to Dubai, UAE four years ago from his small village in Telangana, Southern India. Ajay Ogula won the jackpot after he purchased two tickets for the first time in his life with Emirates Draw EASY6.

The happiest day of his life is when he won Dirhams 15 million ( ₹33 crores) as the grand prize in a weekly lottery after winning he said in the press meeting that “During a random conversation with my boss, I mentioned reading about someone winning a handsome amount with Emirates Draw, to which my boss advised that ‘you keep wasting money here and there, so why not use it instead on an opportunity like this’,”

Ajay Ogula was quoted as saying by the Gulf News. After winning the grand prize Ajay Ogula created history by becoming a unique rags-to-riches tale by becoming the first person to win the grand prize of Emirates Draw’s AED 15 million.

Age and Biography

Ajay Ogula is a 31 years old man from India and he was born in 1991 in Jagtial, Telangana, India. Ajay Ogula has Indian Nationality. Ajay Ogula was raised as the eldest child in a very poor family, when he felt difficulty supporting his family, including an aging mother and two younger siblings who reside in an old rented House he decided to go to Dubai to earn more money.

Ajay Ogula was working at Hard Precast Building Systems LLC (HPBS) in Dubai and as per his Facebook account, he has completed his schooling in Govt. High School Birpur Supaul and later attended NSV Degree College, Jagtial.

What Ajay Ogula Will Do With ₹33 crore

After winning AED 15 million ( ₹33 crores) Ajay Ogula has plans to invite his family members to Dubai and after that, he will build a house for them in their village and also start a construction company to become self-employed, as per the report.

Ajay Ogula Wife

Ajay Ogula is an unmarried man, but he will soon get married to a girl from his village. Ajay Ogula was living in UAE for four years and now he has enough prize money to survive peacefully so he will leave UAE and will settle in His village in Telangana. 

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Prize Money and Net Worth

As we told you, Ajay Ogula was awarded AED 15 million ( ₹33 crores) as prize money Emirates Draw AED 15 million is only his net worth now and he also earned some lakhs since he has been working in Dubai for four years.  


Ajay Ogula is 31 years old.

Ajay Ogula is an Indian Citizen who won AED 15 million ( ₹33 crores) by winning Emirates Draw.

Ajay Ogula was Born in Telangana, India.

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