Chicken Dinner Riddle Answer and Explanation What am I?

Chicken Dinner Riddle

Chicken Dinner Riddle is a very new and unique type of riddle because this Ridley has a very big question and you might get confined after reading the full statement. In the complete statement if you read the riddle carefully it will easily take you to the answer and for that you need to read the complete statement which is given below.

Chicken Dinner Riddle
Chicken Dinner Riddle

In this riddle you will train your mind and this riddle will also help you to solve any humor type of riddles because this is a humor type of riddle. In this riddle you need to concentrate on the question. If you do that then you can easily answer the riddle. The answer for Chicken Dinner Riddle is “The Man Is Blind”.

Chicken Dinner Riddle Complete Statement or Complete Question or Riddle 

Answer: A blind man comes home from work and says “honey, I’m home”. The microwave is on, defrosting a chicken dinner. From the bedroom his wife shouts “Hi sweetie, could you have a look at the microwave and tell me how much time is left?”

After that the man immediately runs out and calls the police, informing him that his wife is in danger? Why?

What is the answer to Riddle Chicken Dinner Riddle? And what is the explanation for Chicken Dinner Riddle?

The answer to the Chicken Dinner Riddle riddle is “The Husband Is Blind” because if the husband is blind, and his wife obviously knows it, then the wife would not ask him to look and tell her how much time is left for defrosting a chicken dinner because she knows he can’t see.

But now wife asked him to do it, which means there is something fishy going on in the house. So, the husband immediately runs out and calls the police because he thinks she’s in danger because of the unusual behavior of his wife.

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Another possible answer for Chicken Dinner Riddle is The man’s wife is a vegetarian.

If the man’s wife is a vegetarian then the husband definitely thinks that There must be something wrong if she is saying that the chicken dinner is defrosting in the microwave and he runs out and calls the police.

Chicken Dinner RiddleThe Husband Is Blind
Chicken Dinner Riddle

If you have completely understood the riddle and statement and you got the answer then share this riddle with your family and friends and also tell them to share with their family and friends.


Ans. Riverbank.

Ans. The Husband Is Blind

Ans. Donkey

Ans. Boxing ring

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