Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer – BTS Riddle Answer

Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle

Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle: Cookie Run Bts Riddle Answer is now the most searched and most interesting event on the internet and people are very excited for the event to let me tell you that Cookie Run Bts Riddle is a stamp event that will give players a special purple stage for the BTS Cookies to perform on after collecting all of the available stamps and it is hosted by Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom and popular Korean Pop singers band BTS collaboration arrived with a trailer that teases snippets of the BTS Cookies interacting with the update’s BTS-themed elements. In this article, we will reveal all BTS codes, and rewards, and also tell you how to use them.

Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle
Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle

Actually Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action role-playing each game by Devsisters and the sixth game within the overall Cookie Run franchise and now the game makers have coabotster with the pop sensation BTS band and they have organized an event where they have released a Cookie Run Bts Riddle and people have to answer the riddle in the app, so how to participate in the event for that you have to read the article till the end and we will also give you the answer for Cookie Run Bts Riddle. If you are eagerly looking for the Cookie Run Kingdom riddle answer for the BTS Cookies update then we have written it below check out. 

What is the Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer? 

Cookie Run Bts Riddle Answer is MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER. If you read this code l, it will confuse you because this code is in code form and if you split it, it will become  “may you be a little happier in our kingdom together.” And this is only the answer for Cookie Run Bts Riddle.

You have to think that it is a message from the BTS boys and after that, you have to type that code in the game and you should not type that, not that it’s OUR kingdom and not YOUR kingdom. The main thing that matters is how you react to a BTS message, will tell your cookies what you really think of them, so keep this in your mind.

How to update the Code in Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK Riddle Answer)

You need to go to the Cookie Run: Kingdom game’s home screen and there you have to click on the event option on the left. After that the event screen appears, after that, you need to scroll down to the left and you should look for the Riddle Kingdom tab. After that to enter the BTS event screen and enter the Riddle Kingdom, you have to click on it. After that, you need to update the puzzle answer which is MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER.

After answering the riddle or after updating the code you will get several rewards such as 3,000 Crystals and 1,000 Army Bombs after redeeming the voucher.

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What are the Rewards in Cookie Run Bts or Cookie Run: Kingdom

  1. You will get 1000 Crystals and 1000 Army Bombs for 1,000,000 Users.

  2. You will get 2,000 Crystals and 2,000 Army Bombs for 2,000,000 Users

  3. Players will be rewarded with 3,000 Crystals and 3,000 Army Bombs, 3,000,000 Users Soulstone Chest in BTS 

What are the steps to Redeem the Code in Cookie Run: Kingdom or Cookie Run Bts or

  • The first step is to Click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen and go to “Settings.”
  • The second step is to Copy user info after clicking on the Info Tab. You must copy their email ID here, not their numeric player IDs.
  • After that, the third step is to Go to the Devsisters redeem page and paste the copied info.
  • After that, the fourth step is to Enter the activation code and click on “Claim Rewards.”

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