CRK BTS Riddle Answer: Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Riddle Answer and Explanation

CRK BTS Riddle Answer

CRK BTS Riddle Answer is available in this article and we will also let you know how to get crk bts riddle answer and in this article we will also give the details of rewards which you will get after getting the code. CRK BTS is a collaboration between Cookie Run Kingdom and BTS band, which is a popular South Korean K-pop music band.

CRK BTS Riddle Answer
CRK BTS Riddle Answer

In this collaboration Cookie Run Kingdom has released a event and in that event you have to participate in the game in which you have to solve a puzzle or riddle in which people will get a photo and you have to find the answer  and after that you will be rewarded with Crystals and Air Bombs in the game.

CRK BTS Riddle Answer With Explanation

CRK BTS Riddle contest is over, and many  people of Cookie Run: Kingdom players have cracked the code shortly after receiving the final clue. The CRK game have released a picture puzzle and players have to solve this puzzle and after solving this puzzle you will get a code from which you can redeem your rewards. To get the code you have to follow the following steps.

From the above picture you have to find the riddle answer and the answer is 16 letters word which you can split and you will get a perfect meaning full answer and the answer is MAYYOUBEALITTLEHAPPIERINOURKINGDOMTOGETHER which if you split it will become “May you be a little happier in our kingdom together”

After getting the code To avail the code, you need to follow the following steps. 

First you have to Go to the Events tab on the left screen of the Cookie Run Kingdom game and after that you have to select the Riddle Kingdom section. The next step is to click on the empty text box on the middle of screen and after that you need to copy the above code and after that paste the code. After pasting the code or redeeming the code, the screen will show rewards, which will be credited to your account instantly.

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The following are the rewards you will get after reedeeming the Code 

1,000,000 Players will be rewarded with 1000 Gems and 1000 Army Bombs. 2,000,000 Players will be rewarded with the 2000 Gems and 1000 Army Bombs and also 3,000,000 Players will be rewarded with the 3000 Gems, 3000 Army Bombs, and the special BTS contest reward is a BTS Soulstone Choice Set. In this contest more than 3 million players have correctly guessed the riddle at the time of writing, and this contest will continue for the entire event period, which will be available till January 20, 2023.

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