Daisy the Great

Daisy the Great is a popular 6 member American Indie Pop band which was formed in March 2019. Daisy the great group is managed by Mina walker and Kelly Nicole Dugan. Originally a hip-hop group, their musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres. Their first album is “few friends and i wish They were mine” released in 2018. Kepler group members are from the United States. Kelly Nicole Dugan, Mina Walker, Brianna Archer, Sophia Sagan-Gutherz, Justin Danforth, and Barnardo Ochoa.

Daisy the Great
Source: Daisy the Great

Daisy the Great Wiki & Members

Indie Pop Group Name: Daisy The Great

Group Members:

  • Kelley Nicole Dugan

  • Mina Walker

  • Brianna Archer

  • Justin Danforth

  • Sophia Sagan-Gutherz

  • Bernardo Ochoa

Country Origin: United States

Formed in the year: 2019

Debut Date:  2018

Debut Album: not known

Debut Song: few friends and i wish They were mine

Label(s): TBA

Managed by: Kelly Nicole Duggan and Mina Walker

Year’s Active: 2018-present

Debut Singing Show: Not known

Daisy the great will be the most successful Indie group in the future because their songs are connecting people and people love them very much. Indie Pop is a most loved singing genre. There are many popular Indie Pop bands like Smoosh, The Diskettes, and The smittens. Now Daisy the Great also became a famous Indie pop band.

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