Disney Upcoming Anime Series 2022
Disney Upcoming Anime Series The new streaming platform Disney+ with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and 20th Century Fox content to choose from has already become a strong rival to other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Disney+ has announced plans to get into the anime streaming market now and is the latest streaming platform to join the anime series.
Disney Upcoming Anime Series 2022
Disney Upcoming Anime Series 2022
Anime is becoming one of the most popular entertainment mediums around the world (especially after the COVID pandemic). Disney+ is getting ready to push even more into anime in the next few years, and for now, has a few new projects to be released. Few among them are the new The Tatami Time Machine Blues, the new Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL anime, and the Summer Time Rendering.

Disney Upcoming Anime Series 2022

1) Yojohan Time Machine Blues
Yojohan Time Machine Blues is a sequel to the acclaimed The Tatami Galaxy, an anime released in 2011 which was based on a novel by Tomihiko Morimi. The story is about a university student who gets caught in a repeating time loop as he attempts to live out the perfect college life. Each parallel universe explores what his life could have looked like if he had been indifferent to campus clubs, though he is often disappointed by the results. Science SARU will produce the show, which also produced the Devilman Crybaby.
2) Summer Time Rendering
Summer Time Rendering is an anime adaptation of a suspense manga of the same name. This manga series was very popular on Jump plus. It is based on the Yasuki Tanaka manga series. The story revolves around Shinpei Ajiro, a young boy who returns to his hometown for the funeral of his childhood friend. Upon returning to his city he experiences strange things.
3) Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is a part of the Black Rock Shooter Japanese media franchise. It is the latest anime project. The 2012 series won an award for achievements in animation. The protagonist Black Rock Shooter is a mysterious girl with blue eyes and an oversized cannon that can shoot up to twenty rocks per second. The official source has announced a spring release in 2022 but there is no other information regarding the cast or plot.
4) Disney: Twisted Wonderland
Disney: Twisted Wonderland is an anime adaptation of the famous Japanese mobile game which was developed by Aniplex. The game was adapted as a manga in 2021. The protagonist of the anime interacts with villains of the Disney movies who in their anime-style represent their respective dormitories. Though being new as a streaming platform, Disney+ is getting ready to push even more into anime in the next few years.

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