Dokteuk Crew

Dokteuk Crew is a popular South Korean dance crew. There are a total of eight members in the Dokteuk Crew. All members of the Dokteuk Crew are from Korea. Their nationality is Korean. Dokteuk Crew recently appeared in America’s Got talent 2021 and they have shown their amazing dance performance in America’s got talent season 16.

They got standing ovations from all the America’s Got Talent judges and audience. Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, Simon Cowell all were shocked after watching the Dokteuk Crew Dance performance. Dokteuk Crew’s dance style is very amazing and unique. We have not seen anything like this before. Dokteuk Crew uses the concept of anime. The Action, superpowers, dragons we use to watch there in anime Dokteuk Crew uses those all things in their dance that makes their dance outstanding and unique.

Dokteuk Crew
Dokteuk Crew

They made very shocking and very dangerous dance moves. And won the hearts of all judges and audiences present there in America’s Got Talent 2021 Audition. Now they are selected in America’s Got Talent 2021 Audition round and soon they are gonna perform in the next round of America’s Got Talent 2021 may be in Mega audition. We all hope that they will give a fantastic performance in America’s Got Talent 2021 mega audition. And they have a chance to win $1 Million if they won America’s Got Talent Season 16.

Before America’s Got Talent Season 16 Dokteuk Crew performed in many other reality shows and also in many opening ceremonies. Dokteuk Crew members speak English and Korean language. Dokteuk Crew got many awards for their dance. Dokteuk Crew is very popular on all social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. They have a youtube channel named DOKTEUK CREW. Where they upload their amazing dance videos.

Dokteuk Crew All Members Names and their Instagram accounts

Dokteuk Crew Instagram Account

Dokteuk Crew Members Instagram Account

  1. Dokteuk_ Jdok

  2. Dokteuk_ Kyg

  3. Dokteuk_ Khaki

  4. Dokteuk_ Ihm

  5. Dokteuk_ Bolt

  6. Dokteuk_ Jcd

  7. Dokteuk_ Ete

Disclaimer: Above information is taken from some media reports.

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