Fa Cup Final 2022 Winner

FA Cup Final 2022 was over and it happened between Chelsea and Liverpool and the match is over and one team has won the FA Cup 2022. Chelsea vs Liverpool match was very tight in the beginning and later Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to win the title. The full football match details of the Chelsea vs Liverpool match is available below.

Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final 2022 is a hot topic on the internet now and around the world, people watched the Chelsea vs Liverpool football match final and both teams gave their best and the audience enjoyed it fully. In the whole match, both teams didn’t score any goals, as a result at the end of extra time the scoreboard was showing 0-0 goals for Liverpool and Chelsea. After that, the match went to a penalty shootout and both teams got one by one chance of scoring goals.

Fa Cup Final 2022 Winner
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At the first penalty shootout, Alonso slotted it to Alisson’s left who went the other way and the scoreboard was showing Chelsea 1 and Liverpool 0. After that, in the second penalty shootout, Mendy gets a touch but Milner beats him with the height, and Liverpool scores one goal and the scoreboard equals Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool. In the third penalty shootout, Azpilicueta hits the right post!!! Advantage Liverpool and it got wasted and the scoreboard remains the same. After that Liverpool leads with Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool, where Thiago puts it in with a cheeky panenka to Mendy’s right. After that again Chelsea equalized the score by Reece James going down the middle to equalize and the scoreboard showed Chelsea 2-2, Liverpool. At the next Firmino restored Liverpool’s lead as he stuttered before deciding to go to the bottom right corner and Mendy guessed it correctly but did not save it and the scoreboard was updated as Chelsea 2-3, Liverpool.

At the next goal, Barkley thrashes it into the right corner as Alisson goes to the left and the scoreboard again updated as Chelsea 3-3 Liverpool and at the next penalty shootout Liverpool takes lead by Alexander-Arnold makes it 4 out of 4 as he calmly side foots it into the bottom right corner. Mendy goes the other way and Chelsea 3-4 Liverpool and later Chelsea equalized the score by Captain Jorginho keeping Chelsea in it by scoring his penalty to the bottom right and Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool. After that Mendy saved Mane’s kick and did not let him score another goal and the scoreboard remained equal.

After that scoreboard again takes lead as Chelsea 5-4 Liverpool, when Ziyech powers it into Alisson’s left who guesses it right but is beaten by the speed at which the ball was travelling and he scored a goal. After that Chelsea equalizes the scoreboard as Chelsea 5-5, Liverpool, by High into the top right corner from Jota as Mendy goes the wrong way after that Liverpool didn’t let Chelsea to score one more and the scoreboard remains equal as Chelsea 5-5 Liverpool, where flying Alisson saves as mount hits it to his left. At the final penalty shootout, Liverpool took the lead, and the scoreboard updated as Chelsea 5-6 Liverpool, it happened because Tsimikas slotted it in the bottom right corner to win it for Liverpool! The quadruple dream is alive for the reds and finally, after a crucial match, Liverpool lifted the FA Cup 2022.

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