Nuka World Power Plant
Hey, what’s up everybody today we’re going to be taking a look at how to turn on the power of the Nuka World Power Plant in Fallout 4 and what you need to do exactly to reach the Nuka World Power Plant in Fallout 4. Nuka World Power Plant is a place in an amusement park in the Fallout 4 game where you need to go and turn on the power of that place After that you can find anything in that place.

Fallout 4 Nuka-World Power Plant Key

Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant Key
Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant Key
So the first thing you need to do is complete the part where you need to go through all the different areas into food zones in the nuclear world clear them and then give them to one of the three Raider gangs. Once this is done we then go out to the Commonwealth and start taking over some settlements this was all done to my pretty previous game. Now once you’ve taken over three of the calm settlements in the common room you’ll go back to shank who is the guy that kind of leads the whole effort to taking over these settlements in the Commonwealth and he tells you to head back to the Nuka world there are some problems depending on how you divide up all of your settlements between the three Raider gangs one of the Raider gangs is not going to be happy with you they’re gonna feel that they’ve been left out that they’re not being treated equally as the other two and they’re going to turn on everybody for me. It was the operators so what I needed to do was head back into Nuka world as soon as I got there operators were fighting everybody.
They were attacking me they were attacking some of the other clans as well but I had to make my way up to the Nuka World Power Plant which is all the way off on the west side of the map outside of the nuchal world complex or outside of the Google world park and up at this Nuka World Power Plant I needed to meet up with the pack gang leader and then also the disciples gang leader they had a plan how they were going to take out the operators gang leaders there’s actually the two of them it was the think they’re brother and sister I forget though so what I do as a head over to the power plant right before you get to the main building down below it is like a little guard station and those two gang members are waiting for me there and they say they have a plan so we need to head up to the power plant fight our way to get in there and then eventually we need to make our way up to the roof of top of the power plant now that’s not the easiest thing in the world but there’s a little bit of a technique that you could use what I like to do is so I’ve got poor gage working with me so he’s one of my companion but then I got the two other gang leaders working with me as well so we’re an army of four running through to this power plant.

Fallout 4 Nuka World Power Plant Control Room Key

Nuka World Power Plant
Nuka World Power Plant
As long as you kind of stick together with everybody they’re going to help you take out all of the enemies for the most part there’s no one crazy in here that main battle is when you get to the top but there was this one legendary raider and there is one legendary operator he had a Gauss rifle and thing did some serious damage. If you are careful actually died from them a couple of times just trying to take them out because I did get separated from the rest of Clan so eventually you make your way all the way through all the way to the top of the power plant.
It is a little bit of a long trip but the not too bad get up there and then you have to take out the two leaders of the operators this is a little difficult they have stimpaks on them so if you can take them out quickly do it because once their health gets down to probably right around a third or a quarter left they were always using something passed to them to act to heal themselves back up and they’re strong grenades at you if you’re lucky they will kind of focus most of their fire on the three other people, that you’re with for me I was able to get up kind of behind them and then just shoot them from behind and then I didn’t have to worry about them.
Shooting at me too much so every once in a while they’d look at me so I’d go hide then they focus their fire back on the other people I was with. So once that’s all done and once you eventually take these two guys out for me it was too because the operators have two leaders but for example, if you go through this and if it’s the pack that you’re going against then you’re going to have the one leader and that guy is a Mason for this one he was on my side so you take them down and one of them or whoever you kill is going to have the key to the main control room that’s on top of the power plant.
Open that door walk right ahead and that’s what you got to hit that button and you’ve got power back to the neutral world after this you have a quick dialogue with gage he tells you that there are still things we could do some more quests which we will cover in the future but as far as restoring power you now have power to the whole park so we’re definitely going to go back in taking a look at what we can do now. Now the park has the power to see if there’s new air we can get into some new things we can find things we can discover.
Guys I just wanted to show you how to turn on the power of the Nuka World Power Plant or how to restore the Power of the Nuka World Power Plant in Fallout 4.

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