Hear Me Turkish Series Cast
Hear Me Turkish Series Cast: Hear Me is a Turkish drama series, a new series airing on Star Tv and Hear Me in Turkish goes by the name”Duy Beni is a popular new show that is picking the interest and curiosity of the teens. Hear Me started airing on Star Tv on July 7, 2022, is created and directed by Ali Balci, with Makbule Kosif and Gülsev Karagöz penning the script and Hear Me is produced by Süreç Film, and the series, is attracting attention with its incredible cast, performance by the actors.
Hear Me Turkish Series Cast
Hear Me
Hear Me aka Duy Beni is a youth drama that focuses on the topic of bullying among bright young school students in the rich elite schools, and is screened with youth drama and impressive families. The series Hear Me has an intriguing plot of a tragic event that takes place in the lives of the middle-class school-going girls Ekim and Leyla. Ekim (played by Rabia Soyturk) who lives in a middle-class neighborhood, gets on a quest to find the culprit, who hit her best friend, Leyla through their car when they both were going to school.
Ekim who lost track of the car, when it entered the nearby private school, is frustrated and unable to provide evidence and seek justice. The school management revives their reputation as the news gets spread that a girl will have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, the principal announces to give scholarships to three people from Leyla’s neighborhood and Ekim works hard to bag the scholarship, and gets it. Her main motive is to fund the culprit behind this whole fiasco and seek justice for her friend.
The three scholarship students get differently treated by the other elite students and how they will start their new student journey in a prestigious school, among the wealthy kids,  this makes the series interesting. Will Ekim be able to find the culprit amidst all other chaos is this also the main question? Every cast actor is giving a brilliant performance and everyone is wanting to know the cast of the Hear Me series. The main stars of the series are Rabia Soyturk, Gokce Gunes Dogrusoz, Taha Bora Elkoca and Helin Kandemir. Here in this article, we will provide the complete list of the cast actors of the Hear Me drama.

Hear Me Turkish Series Cast

● Rabia Soyturk as Ekim
 Rabia Soyturk is a 26-year-old actress from Instanbul, Turkey. Rabia was born on March 11, 1996, and her height is 166 cm. Rabia after completing her undergraduate education in nursing, got her acting training at the Sadri Alışık Cultural Center and started with the Personality Series and is the main protagonist in the Hear Me drama.
● Helin Kandemir as Leyla
Helin Kandemir is known for the TV series, One Liter Tears was born on June 2, 2004, in Istanbul and this 18-year-old actress is 155 cm tall and is also preparing for her university entrance exam along with acting. In the series, Helin plays the role of Leyla, Ekim’s best friend, and one morning after getting hit by a car, her life turns upside down. She is stuck in a wheelchair for her entire life after the incident and Ekim wants to seek justice for her by finding and punishing her culprit.
● Caner Topçu as Kanat
Caner Topçu plays the role of Kanat in the series. Caner was born on June 25, 1997, in Istanbul, made his first appearance in the TV series Nöbet and is 184 cm tall weighing 77 kg and Caner plays Kanat, the male protagonist, who is the son of a wealthy family and is not in good terms with his family. How Kanat, one of the school’s leading and popular boys will fall in love with Ekim is one of the interesting parts of the series.
● Berk Hakman as Selim
Berk Hakman plays the role of Selim, a popular, literature teacher at the elite school. Having lost his parents at an early age, Selim is a lonely character. Berk Hakman, who is known for his series Black Pearl, My Love life was born on August 14, 1981, and is 41 years old, 178 cm tall.
● Ege Kökenli as Bahar
Ege Kökenli who plays the role of Bahar, a beautiful and successful teacher was born on March 20, 1993, in Kırklareli and is known for her roles in the TV series Yahşi Cazibe, Redemption, Çalıkuşu, Never Give Up, Teacher Kemal and Güneşin Kızları.
● Şevval Aldirmaz as Çisem
Şevval Aldırmaz, a 22-year-old actress was born in 2000 in Istanbul in 2000. Receiving acting training from Neslihan Yeldan and Hilal Saral is a player from Craft workshop. Aldirmaz is 160 cm tall and plays the role of an 18-year-old senior student, Cisem who is a master at bullying.
● Durul Bazan as Reza
Durul Bazan, who plays the role of Reza, is known for his acting in the movie Bayram Havası, My Husband. Durul was born in 1972 in Istanbul and is 165 cm tall.
● Burak Can as Aziz
Burak Can who is 26 years old was born in 1996 in Istanbul and is known for his North Star, and has recently been seen in Darısı Başına and Storm Inside.
● Feride Çetin as Neşe
Feride Çetin plays the role of Neşe in the series. Çetin was born on November 5, 1980, in Istanbul, being 42 years old, and is a graduate of the Faculty of Communication from Istanbul University.
● Aytac Usun as Halil
Halil is a policeman in the series Hear Me and the role will be essayed by Aytac Usun. Aytac Usun, known for his role of Çukur’s Meke was born in 1990 in Instanbul.
● Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz as Ayşe
Ayse, a quiet and shy girl is one of the scholarship students who gets extensively bullied in the school. Gökçe Güneş Doğrusöz will play her role.
● Meltem Akçol as Hazal
Meltem Akçöl, who plays the character Hazal, was born in 1999, now 23 years old. Hazal is a mature character and modest girl who doesn’t have many friends and loves swimming.
● Taha Bora Elkoca as Bekir
Born in 1999, Taha Bora Elkoca is 192 cm tall, who was last seen in the movie Cracked. Elkoca plays the character, Bekir one of the scholarship students and Bekir is a hardworking, smart, and intelligent young man.
● Alper Atak as Suleiman
● Bedia Ener as Sukran
● Hamdi Alp as Selcuk
● Elif Cakman as Hatice
● Bedir Bedir as Hasan
● Sümeyye Aydogan as Melisa
● Ibrahim Yildiz as Daghan
● Dilara Hyacinth as Ece
● Yeliz Akkaya as Suna
● Jasmine Berkiş as Ceren
● Melih Fazil Gurkal
●Almira Parlapan as Alara
● Melih Fazil Gurkal
● İzzet Yüksek as Cingöz

Hear Me wiki and details

Title: Hear Me in English
         Duy Beni in Turkish
Genre; Young  Drama series
Time slot; Primetime
Broadcaster; Star TV
Production Company; Sürec Film
Director; Ali Balcı
Producer ;Ali Gündoğdu
Writer:    Makbule Kosif
Release Date; 7th July 2022.

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