Hitesha Chandranee Zomato Story And Punched By Zomato Delivery Boy

Hitesha Chandranee is a common person living in Bangalore. Now Hitesha Chandranee is very popular in internet because of her Instagram IGTV video. In that video she is saying that she has ordered food from zomato at 3.30 and that item should get delivered at 4.30 but it wasn’t get deliver so she asked zomato to give her free delivery or just cancel the delivery after that zomato delivery boy came to her door, he was soo rude.
Hitesha Chandranee Zomato Story And Punched Boy Zomato Delivery Boy
Hitesha Chandranee Zomato Story And Punched Boy Zomato Delivery Boy
Hitesha Chandranee said that delivery boy that she had to talk with zomato team whether they will give free delivery or they will cancel the order. And she also said that delivery boy to go back she don’t need order. For that delivery boy replied her in a very harmful manner. He said like am I a slave to listen to your orders and to write for so long. After that Hitesha Chandranee scared and she tried to close the door but that delivery boy pushed the door and snatched the order on the table and he just punched on Hitesha Chandranee’s face and he ran away from there.

Hitesha Chandranee was bleeding so much but no one came to her to protect her. After that Hitesha Chandranee filed a case on zomato company or on that delivery boy she explained whole scenario to police and they filed the case. Hitesha Chandranee is saying her nose bone is broke and she had to do a surgery and she did the surgery now she is not able to speak properly. Now the main thing is police have to investigate that who is telling truth whether Hitesha Chandranee is lying or what or she is just doing this drama for popularity. And whether that delivery boy really punched on her face. This have to be solved quickly. Tell us your opinion on this matter in the comment section. And stay tuned for more updates on this matter.
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