How to Become CA at the age of 21 after B.Com Graduation

How to Become CA at the age of 21

How to become CA at the age of 21: Chartered Accountants CA are professionally qualified accountants who take on specific activities within the spectrum of accountancy. A CA will give advice, audit accounts, and provide trustworthy information about the client’s financial records and the activities involved.

How to Become CA at the age of 21
How to Become CA at the age of 21

financial reporting, auditing, taxation, corporate finance, forensic accounting, business recovery and insolvency, or accounting systems, and processes. The syllabus of the Chartered Accountancy course is vast combining both theoretical study and practical training which requires the students to work hard and develop their skills of application and analytical in addition to gaining knowledge. 

There is no upper limit of age for taking the CA course or clearing the course. A student having completed 10+2 education in any stream is eligible to pursue a CA course in India. Once started, the course is a continuous process till the student becomes a Chartered Accountant and it may take up years to complete if one is not completely focused. With proper planning and execution, a student in India can become a CA at the age of 21 also. There are quite a number of people in India who have achieved this feat. 

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Let’s have a look at the CA course levels on how to become a CA at the age of 21 & how to become CA in India in this article; 

How to Become CA at the Age of 21

  • Foundation course

Aspirants who want to be a CA, have to enroll for this Foundation exam after passing the 12th examination with a 4-month study period. If they clear this exam, they can appear for the next level. The aspirant clears the exam on the first attempt, he/she may be of the age of 17.5 years. 

  • Intermediate

After clearing the Foundation level, aspirants have to enroll for the Intermediate level and after completing 8 months study period, can appear for the Intermediate exam. Intermediate includes 2 groups 

If the student clears the intermediate exam, he/she has to undergo these, namely, 

  1. ISITSS, Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills, which is 4 weeks course consisting of an Information Technology and Orientation Course and has to be done after passing the Foundation exam with compulsorily completed before the commencement of articleship. 
  2. Articleship: Students have to undergo 3 years of articled training after passing one of the Groups or both Groups of Intermediate Course, after successfully undergoing the ICITSS course. 
  • Final

Students have to register for Final after clearance of both groups of Intermediate on completion of the practical training (articleship) or while doing the last 6 months of articleship and after successful completion of AICITSS 

          AICITSS, Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills is a four weeks course on Advanced Information Technology and Management Communication Skills that has to be done during the last two years of practical training but before the Final Examination appearance. 

After clearing the Final Exams, aspirants have to enroll as a member of ICAI,  and be called a ‚ÄúChartered Accountant”. If cleared in the first attempt, students can become a CA at the age of 21 only.

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