How to Create Shortcut in Snapchat in Iphone
How to Create Shortcut in Snapchat in iPhone: Snapchat, one of the best applications that have grown popular in recent years, for all casual conversations between friends, sending or creating snaps with all the amazing filters, and sending goldy and unique selfies, post their snaps. Sanchar has evolved throughout the years, with new and new filters. The chatting option of Snapchat also makes the use of the app interesting and different from any other social media platform, as it provides different options to the users like Snap Map, games, 3D Bitmoji, streaks, and many more. Many teens and adult users are obsessed with the Snap Streak option and maintaining them.
How to Create Shortcut in Snapchat in Iphone
How to Create Shortcut in Snapchat in Iphone
Snap Streaks, which are maintained by many Snapchat users reflect the deep friendship and commitment one has with their friend. Growing the number of streaks is the main goal of the users; sending a number of chats and snaps, making the streaks count grow in number and the application had the option to send snaps to each one individually, which was inconvenient and time-consuming. But now, Snapchat has introduced a new feature called Shortcut, which is a great way to send snaps to a mass group of people very easily without sending each one individually. The chosen people can be added to the shortcut list and tada! you can send your snap to them in the blink of an eye. The shortcut list you made can be edited whenever you wish.
Creating a Snapshot shortcut comes in handy, in maintaining the hard-earned streaks. The user must have a Bitmoji account to enable this feature that is connected to their Snapchat account. Now, not only Android users but also iPhone users can also have this shortcut feature enabled on their devices. Look into these steps to create a first Snapchat shortcut on their iPhone,

How to Create Shortcut in Snapchat in iPhone

● Open the Snapchat app that is updated to the latest version
● Log into your account, take a snap or choose an image from your roll.
● Click on the ‘Send To’ Button on the bottom right corner, which makes the friends list appear.
● Now, click on the ‘send to’ button, and a cursor will appear
● Select the ‘Create Shortcut’ option.
● A new page will appear with the “Choose Emoji” option, tap in the emoji you want to have the shortcut.
● After choosing the emoji, select the list of friends you want to add in the list from your friends/ contacts list.
● Finally, click on the ‘Create Shortcut’ option.
Now, you have created a Snapshot Shortcut that can be used to send snaps easily.

How to add Chat shortcut on iPhone

● Swipe right on the Home Screen to have the Today View
● Press the Edit button at the bottom of the page
● Next to a Snapchat widget, a ‘+’ button will be shown. Tap on that to edit the Today view.
● Select the Bitmoji friends that you want to add to the widget.
● All the contact with their Bitmoji will appear, simply press them to chat with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

◆ What is Snapshot Shortcut?
         Snapchat has come up with another creative feature, called Snapshot Shortcut which allows the users to create a shortcut list to send snaps for their selected list of people easily. This feature has the entire audience hooked.
◆ Can text be added instead of emoji in Shortcut?
        Snapshot doesn’t allow its users to add text instead of emojis.
◆ What is the maximum number of people that can be added to a Shortcut??
         There is no official number but the application will not allow exceeding the number of 200 contacts to be added to the list.
◆ Is the Snapshot Shortcut feature available for IOS?
      Yes, IOS has this new enticing feature of Shortcut.
Disclaimer; The above information is taken from some media reports and there may be changes or is subject to change.

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