Scambi FGS FIFA 23

How to get Scambi FGS FIFA 23 is the most asked question on the internet and people are very much excited about the Scambi FGS FIFA 23. In this article, we are discussing what sort of special cards is required for this. How can you complete this? This offers a $100K pack and this is obviously very exciting I think EA haven’t done too good of a job explaining it, so in this article, we are just going to go over it quickly how exactly this does work because this does look like very exciting obviously we have a premium gold pack for one token as you can see here redeem one FGS swaps token, so we are exactly going to talk about what that is. 

Scambi FGS FIFA 23
Scambi FGS FIFA 23

Then you have got two tokens premium gold players pack, three Tokens prime gold players pack, and four tokens one a $100K pack. So we definitely recommend everybody goes for a $100K pack save up be patient and definitely go for this $100K pack, it is the most rewarding and all of these are untradable and it is also repeatable so if you earn four tokens pack to put them in $100K pack so you can earn an another four token saves them up, and then do it again and you can keep doing this until you run out of tokens. 

If you go over here this is actually a release from EA sports, this answers what exactly this is, now FGS can we actually see what it stands for because that would be quite helpful and I dont think we can but essentially its something to do with EA tournaments with the competitive scenes, pretty much FIFA Esports so FIFA 23 Esports, so they are going to be starting this as you can see these are the rewards that this season right so pretty much this FIFA cycle.

We are going to be having 25 events and each of those going to be offering FGS swaps tokens so in total you can look at that as 25 tokens if you do the math I believe that I going to be around six I believe six $100K packs you should be able to get from that. That is quite interesting obviously if you are dedicated and you end up doing this now. We are all going to have this on twitch for the start but then you are also eventually able to do this on youtube as well. 

As you can see here pretty much all you need to do is link your EA and twitch accounts, I think most of you have already done that and this is going to be the first opportunity to earn your first token. So Monday, October 17, 2022, so is only a few days away from when these swaps tokens have been made available in FIFA, this is now going to be earning the tokens.

So you can watch the live stream, you have to watch it for one hour, and then you are going to be earning one taken, you cannot watch it for multiple hours and earn multiple tokens. If you actually take a look here, as you can see views will earn an FGS stops token for watching for at least 60 minutes of an eligible FIFA 23 global series on a platform. Everybody gets it you are guaranteed to receive it if you go ahead and do everything correctly. 

So how many can you watch the per event you can only viewers cannot earn multiple tokens on the same platform during the broadcast. So for now whilst we have only got twitch for all of these all the way until January I dont know when EA is going to do YouTube but until January it’s all going to be on twitch of these dates you can only earn one token on each of these dates and on each of these dates you need to watch for at least 60 minutes now yes you can leave it in you can leave it on in the background I believe if you take a look here how to claim the token so it does use twitch drops so twitch pretty much there is some sort of engagement.

So you can see here we have a twitch drop claiming a drop so you can see progress and then I think this is how you have to claim it you have to click claim so and then it expires so I guess this is preventing you from just leaving the live stream on in the background but if you have been on twitch before if you use it regularly then I am sure you know exactly how to do this you go ahead and click claim. It’s not too complicated, so just make sure that you are actually watching the live stream.

You have these drops once you claim it in here then you just need to log in to FIFA and then it’s going to pop up and these are pretty much here these are just for submitting the tokens once you have got the tokens in your account when you log on after this has happened and you see the token in your account can go in and then submit the token that is pretty much it you cannot earn the tokens from any objectives anything like that this is the only way and up until the January as we discussed, it has to be through twitch so make sure that you have got your twitch account linked these are the steps to do this.

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Steps to Get FGS SWAPS Tokens FIFA 23 on Twitch

  1. Link your Twitch and EA accounts on the given link on the EA official site.

  2. After that Watch 60 minutes of an eligible FIFA 23 Global Series event.

  3. Receive your Player Token in the FIFA game within 24 hours after claiming the reward on Twitch.

  4. Tune in to more eligible events on different events to earn more FGS Player Token items. As we said above You can earn only one FGS Player Token Item per event.

  5. After that, the fifth step is to Redeem your FGS Player Token items in-game for Untradeable Pack Rewards.

Steps to Get FGS SWAPS Tokens FIFA 23 on Youtube

  1. The first step is to go to the Connected Apps page on your YouTube Settings.

  2. After that Link your EA Account by clicking Connect next to Electronic Arts with your youtube account.

  3. After that, You’ll be asked if you want to allow Electronic Arts to Connect accounts and watch approved events and videos for a chance to win in-game rewards there you have to Click on Connect.

  4. After that Confirm your EA Account and in case If it’s not the right account, click Not your account? to switch to the right one.

  5. After that, you have to Click on Continue and then If you have Login Verification turned on, you’ll be asked to verify your identity and you have to verify.

  6. The sixth step is to Click Link Accounts.

  7. The seventh step is to Click Return to YouTube.

  8. The eighth step is to Click Complete Claim.

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