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Iron Lung game wiki is available in this article. Iron Lung is a popular American science fiction indie horror game, which is developed by David Szymanski, who has created popular games like for DUSK, The Pony Factory, and Squirrel Stapler and it is published by David Szymanski video game including Unity engine game engine. Recently Iron Lung video game makers released the Iron Lung Teaser trailer and the Iron Lung video game release date is 10th March 2022 in the English language. After watching the Trailer, Teaser, and the Public are praising the Iron Lung video game and after playing the game people are going crazy for this game. Many popular Gamers, streamers, and YouTubers are playing this game. After playing the Iron Lung game people are searching for the Iron Lung game, the Iron Lung wiki and for the Iron Lung release date, and also for the Iron Lung or Iron Lung characters, and people are very excited about the Iron Lung video game as it is a science fiction indie horror game.

Iron Lung Game Wiki
Iron Lung Game

Iron Lung is a most awaited video game which is developed by David Szymanski and it is published by David Szymanski and Iron Lung video game is about a world where every star and habitable planet in the universe inexplicably vanished and takes its inhabitants with them in an event known as the “Quiet Rapture.” After many years the survivors struggle to survive and maintain society on space stations and barren moons and some of the Survivors sparsely explored moons and finds moons have strange phenomena, with one moon, in particular, being home to a mysterious ocean of blood.

Iron Lung game players control a convict who has to ramshackle a submarine to the bottom of this blood ocean to explore and photograph points of interest for researchers, in order to find the useful resources on the moon and If the player completes their tasks and returns the photographs, players will be offered freedom but the players still have many challenged where they will face submarine rapidly falling apart, rudimentary navigation technology and rapidly decreasing oxygen levels, and the players have to fight for their survival and it is very challenging and To say nothing of what may be lurking in the bloody depths.

Iron Lung Game Wiki

Video Game; Iron Lung

Type; American science fiction indie horror game

Language; English

Characters; Not Known

Developer by; David Szymanski

Published by; David Szymanski

Series; Iron Lung

Release Date; 10th March 2022

Cost of Game; TBA

Country Origin; United States

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