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Ki Joko Bodo

Ki Joko Bodo is a popular Indonesian actor and media celebrity,  who is now trending on the Indonesian news section because of his death news. Ki Joko Bodo died on November 22, 2022, at the age of 57 years in Indonesia. Ki Joko Bodo’s cause of death is not yet revealed by his family. After his death, his fans are mourning and paying tributes to him. The Indonesian entertainment industry is today mourning their loss.

Ki Joko Bodo
Ki Joko Bodo

Who is Ki Joko Bodo?

Ki Joko Bodo was a 57 years old legendary Indonesian actor who appeared in dozens of Indonesian films. Ki Joko Bodo is known for his films like Terowongan Casablanca and Si Juki. Ki Joko Bodo is also a musician and Ki Joko Bodo is known for his Paranormal Music And Horror Films.

As per reports after being retired from the acting industry he became a shaman and Ki Joko Bodo also started a rope fire, which caused the laboratory to explode within a radius & as per reports he was also accused of killing most of his youngest son, Bayu Gendeng, in a fit of rage following the mixing of oil and nails in Nasi Goreng. After that, he left all shaman activities and started working on fate, the economy, and exploring science as a profession. 

Ki Joko Bodo Early life

Ki Joko Bodo was born in 1964 in Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia. Ki Joko Bodo’s real name is Agus Yulianto. Ki Joko Bodo is the husband of Ni Kadek Leli Mariati. As per his daughter, he died due to an illness and previously he suffered from high blood pressure, aka hypertension. 

Ki Joko Bodo Net Worth

Ki Joko Bodo was a 57-year-old well-known actor, shaman, and Businessman. Ki Joko Bodo has earned quite good earnings from his entire business career and his estimated net worth as of 2022 is approx $100K.

Ki Joko Bodo Wife 

Ki Joko Bodo was a married man and as per reports, he married multiple times with different women & as per reports married four times and his Fourth wife’s name is N Kadek Leli Mariati. Ki Joko Bodo has a daughter named Ayda Prasasti and she only shared Ki Joko Bodo’s death news.

Ki Joko Bodo Social Media 

Ki Joko Bodo was also there on Instagram, aware he has more than 500 followers. Ki Joko Bodo Instagram id is @kibodo_62.


Ki Joko Bodo is a popular Indonesian shaman, actor, businessman, and media celebrity. Ki Joko Bodo died on November 22, 2022, at the age of 57 years in Indonesia after suffering from an illness. 

Ki Joko Bodo is 57 years old.

Ki Joko Bodo is from Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia.

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