Korean Actress Jang Nara is Getting Married to Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

Jang Nara
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Popular South Korean singer and actress Jang Nara, who is popular both in the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries since 2001. Jang Nara is all set to tie the knot with her long-time non-showbiz boyfriend. Jang Nara Announced Her Marriage to a Non-Celebrity Boyfriend after dating him for two years, who is also six years younger than her. Jang Nara very happily announced her marriage news on her social media accounts and her millions of fans are sharing this news and making it a trending topic.

Jang Nara
Source: Jang Nara

Before this Jang Nara has rumors dated Daniel Choi but there is no confirmed news on it. After that Jang Nara started dating a non-celebrity man, who still remained unnamed to all of Jang Nara’s fans.

Jang Nara’s millions of fans are eagerly waiting to know who Jang Nara’s boyfriend is and who that lucky guy is going to tie the knot with the princess. Jang Nara is soon going to reveal her boyfriend’s name and also her future husband’s name.

Jang Nara penned a sweet handwritten letter announcing that she will be marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend after two years and she wrote that she is going to marry her boyfriend of two years, who is six years younger than her and they are happy to share with all of her fans and they are very joyful for their marriage and she shared everything about her boyfriend, whey she got attracted towards him for his pretty smile, his genuine and kind heart, and above all, his attitude towards his work which overflows with sincerity.

Jang Nara’s marriage date and the venue are still not revealed and soon she will reveal all her marriage details and she will definitely not disappoint her fans. She will also soon reveal her boyfriend’s face and name and his identity.

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