Love Today Budget 2022 and Box Office Collection Worldwide

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Love Today is the most awaited 2022nd underrated Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy-drama film, which is written and directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, who is popular for directing a superhit film Comali.

Love Today Budget 2022
Love Today Budget 2022

Love Today is released on November 04, 2022, in India and the movie is currently bringing a storm in all theatres because people are loving this movie and they are giving the maximum rating for the Love Today movie. Love Today movie has collected a huge collection at the box office. Love Today’s review is given below in this article and we also reveal the Love Today movie budget and box office collection. 

Love Today 2022 Review

Love Today movie tells the story of two young lovers Uthaman Pradeep and Nikhitha, who are made to exchange their phones for a day, which follows a hilarious and emotional sequence of events that puts their lives in trouble.

The two lovers assume themselves to be ‘the perfect couple and they went to the girls’ father there the two couples explain everything to the father and he later tells them that they have to exchange their phones for a day and after they did that the problem starts boy finds that the girl has the previous relationship and girl also finds some dirty things in boy’s phone and later starts hating each other and later boy’s sister also want to do that just before a day for her marriage after that what happens, did everything gets solved or not to know that you have to watch the movie. 

Love Today movie stars Pradeep Ranganathan Ivana and Raveena Ravi in lead roles. Pradeep Ranganathan is making his acting debut with this movie. Love Today is a low-budget movie and the film has already recovered its budget. Love Today is getting appreciation from all over the country who have watched this movie. Love Today movie has got 3.5 stars out of 5 stars from many movie review sites and also from critics. 

Love Today Budget 2022

Love Today movie is made with a budget of just 15-16.5 crores and the film is unstoppable at the box office where it is collecting more than 5 crores on a daily bases. The film has collected more than 15 crores in just three days and on the fourth day the film earned more than 4 crores in Tamilnadu.

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Love Today Box Office Collection

The film is also doing good in Karnataka Love Today earned 2.80 crores on Friday safer than on Saturday it collected more than Rs. 4.80 crores at the box office and on Sunday Love Today successfully collected more than Rs. 5.90 crores and on Monday Love Today collected more than 3.2 crores.

On day 5 or Tuesday Love Today collected more than 2.58 crores at the box office and till now Love Today has collected nearly 20 crores in gross and the net collection is more than 25-26 crores.

With just a 15-16 crore budget Pradeep Ranganathan has made an outstanding movie called Love Today, which is purely a content-based movie and people are loving Pradeep Ranganathan’s Love Today movie and its story. Love Today is straightening towards the mark of becoming a big blockbuster hit at the box office. 

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