Money Heist Season 5 Cast Real Life Partners & Real Age

Money heist season 5 is nowadays trending everywhere because Netflix recently released money heist 5 announcement small teaser and people are waiting for the trailer and series after the huge success of money heist old season now makers come with a new season of money heist part 5 so in this post, we wrote about money heist season 5 cast real-life partners but we know only some of cast real-life partners name but in future, we update other characters, real-life partners.

Money Heist Season 5 Cast Real Life Partners

Money Heist Season 5 Cast Real Life Partners & Real Age
Money Heist Season 5 Cast Real Life Partners & Real Age
Real Name: Jaime Lorente Lopez
Born: December 12, 1991
Age: 28 years old
Jaime Lorente Lopez dating Maria Pedraza
Real Name: Alba Gonzalez Villa
Born: October 27, 1986
Age: 33 years old
Real Life partner: Not Known
Real Name: Ursula Corbero Delgado
Born: August 11, 1989
Age: 30 years old
Ursula Corbero Delgado dating chino Darin
Real Name: Darko Peric
Born: March 27, 1977
Age: 42 years old
Darko Peric is single
Real Name: Pedro Gonzalez Alonso
Born: June 21, 1971
Age: 48 Years old
Real Life Partner: Not Known
Real Name: Itziar ituno Martinez
Born: June 18, 1974
Age: 45 Years Old
Itziar ituno Martinez is single
Real Name: Miguel Herran
Born: April 25, 1996
Age: 23 Years old
Miguel Herran is Single
Real Name: Esther Acebo
Born: January 19, 1983
Age: 36 Years Old
Esther Acebo is single
Arturo Roman
Real Name: Enrique Javier Arce Temple
Born: October 8, 1972
Age: 47 years old
Enrique Javier Arce Temple is Single
El Profesor
Real Name: Alvaro Antonio Garcia Morte
Born: February 23, 1975
Age: 44 Years Old
Alvaro Antonio Garcia Morte married to Blanca Clemente.
Alison Parker
Real Name: Maria Pedraza
Born: January 26, 1996
Age: 23 years old
Maria pedraza is dating Jaime Lorente
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