Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers 2021 | Most Popular Canadian Youtubers

Nowadays people using YouTube more than other social media every one like watching videos on youtube people watch vlogs, tech, and gaming related videos more on the internet in youtube you find all type of videos for free where YouTubers upload many of videos on one topic everywhere people spending time on watching youtube videos youtube is the second largest search engine after the Google search engine people earring money from youtube and today’s topic is Most subscribed Canadian YouTubers of 2021 where we wrote some famous and popular youtube channel of Canada.

Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers 2021
Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers 2021

Most Subscribed Canadian Youtubers 2021

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a famous singer who is famous for his songs where his songs popular on youtube and his many songs crossed a billion views on youtube many people from another country like Justin Bieber look and his songs he knows big celebrity of world and his channel is there in youtube and this most subscribed Canadian youtube channel where his channel crossed more than 61 million subscribers on youtube. Justin Bieber’s baby crossed 2.4B and sorry crossed 3.4B views on youtube.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a famous singer he is nowadays famous for his songs in other countries his latest popular song was with Camila Cabello senorita which crossed more than 1.2B views on youtube people liked this song and Shawn Mendes youtube channel crossed more than 27 million subscribers on youtube. His treat you better crossed 2B views and stitches crossed 1.3B views on youtube.

Vanoss Gaming

Vanoss Gaming is a popular gaming channel from Canada where is channel crossed more than 25 million subscribers on youtube and he uploads videos on gaming and other funny gaming movements where he popular games like GTA 5, among us, call of duty, and many other games his one gaming video crossed more than 61million views on youtube.

WatchMojo channel is famous for top 10 lists on music, films, and games videos where they upload daily videos on top 10 films and other top 10 things videos on youtube channel where this channel crossed more than 23 million subscribers on youtube and this channel some of the videos crossed a million views on youtube.

Super Simple Kids Songs

Super Simple Kids Songs Youtube channel famous for kids songs, kids rhymes and many more videos for kids this channel crossed more than 27 million views on youtube and some of the videos from this channel crossed more than 100 million views youtube.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd channel crossed more than 23 million views on youtube where he uploads music videos on his channel he is a famous singer and his some of songs crossed more than a billion views on youtube where his one famous song Starboy crossed more than 1.8B views on youtube.

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a famous tech youtube channel where he reviews smartphones and other tech gadgets on his youtube channel crossed 17 million subscribers on youtube where his iPhone 6 Plus bend test video crossed more than 73 million views on youtube.

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