Panini World Cup 2022 Sticker Album Where To Buy -FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

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The new edition of the FIFA Worldcup is set up to be held in Qatar in various cities. This Worldcup is considered the most expensive Worldcup ever held. The total cost for this Worldcup will be more than $6.5 billion dollars and the most amazing thing is that the stadiums in Qatar are made fully air-conditioned. Due to the high heat level in Qatar, this Worldcup will be the first ever FIFA Worldcup to happen in winter. There will be a total of 32 teams that will be competing in the Worldcup for the title.

Panini World Cup 2022 Sticker Album Where To Buy
Panini World Cup 2022 Sticker Album Where To Buy

Panini FIFA Worldcup collectible stickers:

As the season of Worldcup starts, fans get excited not only for the Worldcup but also for the collectibles. 

Panini on 25 August 2022 launched the FIFA Worldcup collectible stickers. A total number of 627 stickers are included in the pack.

Basically, Panini enables the fans to show off their Worldcup stickers by pasting them on the Panini Worldcup album. 

A box of stickers contains more than 200 packs and approximately 10 stickers are included in each pack of stickers.

Panini World Cup 2022 Sticker Album Where To Buy – FIFA World Cup 2022

Talking about my experience of unboxing the stickers, I opened the sticker packs. In the very first pack of stickers surprisingly I got Messi in it. I was so excited after I got one of my favorite players but I was eager to see Ronaldo. As Ronald is my favorite player the most. I kept on peeling off the packs in the first 150 to 160 packs no sticker was repeated but as I peeled off more packs things got to change.

After unpacking all packs there were 6 stickers short in my collection so I have to get those stickers separately. As a football die-hard fan I have to collect all the stickers. So separately I have to buy the stickers and at last my dream sticker Christiano Ronaldo came up in my collection. I was so happy as he was one of the most amazing players. 

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Where can you get these stickers? 

These stickers can be found on the official website of the Panini stickers. But not only from Panini but also from Amazon, eBay, etc. As a football fan, you must have these collectible stickers. Thank you.

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