Paulo Muzy Wikipedia, Altura, Biografia, Idade, Age and Early Life

Paulo Muzy

Paulo Muzy is a doctor and fitness model who has created stunning figures by combining his medical knowledge with his love of Training. The model, originally from Brazil, began his career as a medical scientist specializing in metabolism and nutrition. 

Paulo Muzy
Paulo Muzy

During this period, he discovered a keen interest in a healthy way of life. Paulo started strength training at 11 and took part in Jiu-Jitsu for 12 years. Since then, he hasn’t stopped creating his perfect body. 

Wikipedia and Early Life Paulo Muzy Altura

Paulo Muzy is 43, and he was born in 1979. Muzy has an impressive Altura/height of 6 feet one inch. He began his bodybuilding journey when he was 11 to gain muscle mass for the sport he was playing during that time, Muay Thai. 

Then he realized that muscles were the motor of any sport he wished to play. Muscles are motivated to expand and grow in a weight room. He’s become a top fitness trainer and model after over two decades of exercise, eating healthy, and keeping up-to-date with the latest research findings. 

Paulo Muzy Personal Details 

Paulo Muzy married Roberta Carbonari, the love of his life, vowing to share the remaining years of their days. This is the most profound and lasting love. Roberta Carbonari is an entrepreneur and nutritionist. She specializes in eating disorders and is educated and inspiring. In April, the happy couple exchanged vows. 

They reminisce about their joyous memories and joyful times by sharing pictures on Instagram. They overcome narrow-minded people’s harsh rules and regulations, using their love for one another. 


  • Medical Doctor
  • Bodybuilder
  • Fitness Model
  • Internet Celebrity 

Paulo Muzy’s career with Training 

Paulo’s Training is centered on high-volume workouts in which he’ll perform four sessions of fifteen reps for each exercise, sometimes as many as 40 sets per training session. 

He doesn’t dwell on the weight. Instead, he focuses on the correct execution of the workout and the mind-muscle connection. Paulo likes to increase the intensity, cardio, and calories consumed when he’s bulking up. To cut, Paulo focuses on rest-pause repetitions, cluster sets, drop sets, and high-intensity interval training, while reducing his calories just a bit. 

Paulo focuses on his recovery when he’s not at the fitness center. It’s about getting at least 7 to 8 hours of rest, stretching, and doing deep massages. 

Paulo’s training sessions typically run for about 50 minutes, and he strives to complete two workouts daily from Monday through Friday, focusing on various muscles. A typical week-long training schedule could look like this: 

Paulo Muzy Net Worth & Earnings 

With 150 thousand users, Paulo Muzy is a well-known video channel that is on YouTube. It began in the year 2006 and has since been situated in Brazil. 

A frequent question we get is what is Paulo’s net worth, or what is the amount Paulo Muzy earns? Nobody other than Paulo Muzy can answer that question, but with that said, we’ll look at the information we have. 

Paulo Muzy’s net worth has yet to be available, but on our site, Net worth Spot thinks it to be around $100k. 

The forecast of $100 million is based solely on YouTube advertising revenues. In reality, Paulo Muzy’s net worth could be much more significant. With these other sources of income, Paulo Muzy may be valued at around $250 million. Paulo Muzy earns an estimated $9.03 thousand per year. 

How much does Paulo Muzy earn? 

Paulo Muzy’s channel on YouTube has 150.52 thousand views per month and 5.02 thousand views per day. YouTube channels that are monetized make money through the play of advertisements. YouTubers earn an average of $3-$7 per 1,000 video views.

When Paulo Muzy is within this price range, net Worth Spot estimates that Paulo Muzy earns a monthly salary of $602 and a total of $9.03 thousand a year. The estimate we have may be low but. At the top end, Paulo Muzy may make more than $16.26 thousand annually.

Paulo Muzy is a doctor and fitness model who has created stunning figures by combining his medical knowledge with his passion for fitness. 

Paulo Muzy Idade is 43 years old. His birth year was 1979. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Paulo Muzy married Roberta Carbonari.

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