Who is Pavel Antov? Age, Biography, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth & Cause Of Death

Pavel Antov

Pavel Antov is a Russian Businessman and Millionaire. Pavel Antov is also known as a Russian sausage tycoon and is now making headlines for his death. Pavel Antov died on December 25, 2022, at the age of 66 years in India. his cause of death is very mysterious as he died in a mysterious way, and after this people are waiting to know his cause of death and also want to know his birthday and his Age, and family. 

Pavel Antov
Pavel Antov

How Pavel Antov Died (Cause Of Death)

Pavel Antov died on December 25, 2022, at the age of 66 years during the occasion of his 66th birthday celebration. Pavel Antov died after falling from the third-floor window of a hotel in the Rayagada region of Odisha as per reports he had opposed the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and people are thinking that his death is linked to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian matter.

The interesting thing is that his best friend Vladimir Bidenov, 62, was traveling with Antov, was found dead in the same hotel in Rayagada on December 22, 2022, and as per police officers, Pavel Antov’s death is maybe an accident or a suicide after the death of his friend Vladimir Bidenov.


Pavel Antov is a famous Russian Business tycoon known for being the founder of Vladimir Standard which is one of the leading manufacturers of meat sausages in Russia.

Pavel Antov is also a politician and a member of the Popular political party named the Russian parliament’s United Russia party and there he was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region.

As per reports Pavel Antov was also the head of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region on agrarian policy, nature management, and ecology. 

Net Worth

Pavel Antov was an owner of a popular meat product firm and was one of the richest businessmen and once he declared his annual earnings as £130 million and he is one of Russia’s wealthiest lawmakers by declared earnings and as per reports Pavel Antov’s annual income was estimated as $156 million and his estimated net worth is listed as $1 Billion.

Age, Biography & Wiki

Pavel Antov was born on December 22, 1956, in the Vladimir region in western Russia. Pavel Antov has Russian nationality and he is of white descent. Pavel Antov was a Jewish man and he was a 66-year-old man. Pavel Antov’s date of death is December 25, 2022. Pavel Antov was a very rich man and he was a Lawmaker and a Businessman by profession.

Pavel Antov Wife

Pavel Antov was a good father and a good husband. Pavel Antov was a married man as he has a wife and daughter who were staying with him in Russia and he was survived by them. Because of privacy and he hasn’t revealed his wife and daughter name.

Height And Weight

Height: Pavel Antov’s height is nearly 5 feet 7 inches approx.

Weight: Pavel Antov’s weight is nearly 70 kg approx.

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown 

Family and Parents

Pavel Antov was Born in western Russia to his mother and father who were big Businesspersons. Pavel Antov was also survived by his siblings as he was raised with his siblings and he hasn’t revealed even his parents’ and siblings’ names.

(FAQ) – Frequently Asked Questions Pavel Antov

Who is Pavel Antov?

Pavel Antov is a Russian Business Tycoon who is knwon as a Russian sausage tycoon because his company Vladimir Standard is one of the leading meat product-producing companies.

How Old Is Pavel Antov?

He is 66 years old.

Where Is Pavel Antov’s birthplace?

Pavel Antov was Born in Western Russia. 

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