Prem Geet 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 in India

Prem Geet 3 was released on September 23, 2022, in Nepal and in India with a screen count of more than 1000 screens. Prem Geet 3 is a Popular Nepali Romantic Action drama movie and the movie has very amazing visuals and beautiful locations shot in the Northeastern valleys. If you are a fan of romantic Plus action movies then Prem Geet 3 is the perfect movie for you. Prem Geet 3 is made with a small budget of ₹15-20 crores and their movie has Hollywood-level visuals. In Nepal, fans are very excited for Prem Geet 3 the fans are loving this movie and fans are booking tier tickets in a huge number. 

Prem Geet 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 in India
Prem Geet 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 in India

If you are in an urban area then this movie is available for you at the theaters on multi-screens. On day 1 Prem Geet 3 movie has collected good numbers at the box office and in this article, we will discuss the Prem Geet 3 day 2 box office collection we will also provide you the details of Prem Geet 3 day 1 box office collection. And you will also read the Prem Geet 3 total box office collection prediction.

Prem Geet 3 Movie Review 2022

On day 1 Prem Geet 3 had a good advance booking and the movie performed very well at the theater both on single screen and multi-screens. On day 1 Prem Geet 3 collected more than 5 crores of which Rs. 1 crore came from other countries and more than 4 crores came from Nepal. Prem Geet 3 has earned more than 1 crore from advance booking. On day 1 the ticket price must be Rs. 75 because it was a world cinema day. So the collections were not so high. 

On day 2 Prem Geet 3 is performing very well. People are very impressed with the movie’s story and with the action and romantic scenes. Santosh Sen, Shiva Shrestha, and Pradeep Khadka have done a great job and the fans are praising Santosh Shiva Shrestha for their performance. Prem Geet 3 will be the biggest film in the Nepal film industry and this movie will be the highest-grossed movie in Nepal.

Prem Geet 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 (Prem Geet 3 Collection Till Now)

On day 2 Prem Geet 3 is going to collect more than 7 crores as it’s Saturday and night shows are filling fast and people are booking their tickets with their families. On day 2 Prem Geet 3 got a very good footfall and because of that, the film has collected more than 7-8 crores. In India Prem Geet 3 is going to collect more than 1 crore if people will come to the theater.

Prem Geet 3 already earned a good amount from selling its rights and the movie has earned more than 4 crores from selling its digital, OTT, and music rights. If we include all the box office collections, Prem Geet 3 is going to collect more than 20-30 crores in its lifetime box office collection. 

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Prem Geet 3 Movie Wiki


Prem Geet 3


2022 Nepali Romantic action drama film






Kristina Gurung, Santosh Sen, Shiva Shrestha, Pradeep Khadka, Sunil Thapa


Chhetan Gurung and Santosh Sen


Reltic Pictures, Sparkling Studio


Zee Music Company


A M Turaz

Release Date

September 23, 2022


Palak Muchhal and Dev Negi, Kalyan Singh


₹10-15 crore

Country Origin


First Day Box Office Collection

More Than Rs. 5 crores

Second Day Box Office Collection 

More than Rs. 7 crores

Total Box Office Collection Prediction

More than Rs. 11-12 crores 

Movie Ratings

3.5 Stars

Disclaimer; the above-given number of Prem Geet 3 movie is just a prediction and the collection may fluctuate.

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