Top 10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs Of All Time Ever 2022 List Youtube & Other Platforms

Top 10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs Of All Time: The most popular Fifa songs of all time 2022 FIFA world cup is around the corner and football fans are eagerly waiting for the matches. The FIFA world cup championship is held once in four years and contested by the men’s national team from the member teams of FIFA and this year, the tournament is held in Qatar which will be the first World Cup to be held in the Arab land starting from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Fans all over the world are crazy about the match, will their home team or favorite team wins the cup, FIFA is famous for its songs also. In this article, we will have a look at the most popular FIFA songs of all time.

Top 10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs Of All Time
Top 10 Best FIFA Songs Of All Time

Top 10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs Of All Time 2022

● Jerk It Out

This song is one the most popular track in Fifa’s playlist. One of the biggest hits, The Caesars is a glorious song by Caesars of Sweden and was shot by Clarence Seedorf Co. and Edger Davis. An absolute Classic from FIFA 2004, the song won millions of hearts of football fans and fitted aptly to an exciting brand of the era. 

● The road to World Cup 98

The road to WC 98 was the first ever song and year, FIFA used a soundtrack licensed. Termed one of the greatest songs in the World Cup, was initially done to serve a different purpose, stood the test of time, and captures the bravado of the game, having a view of David Beckham. 

● The Nights

The Nights is a song by Swedish DJ Avicii, featuring singer Nicholas Furlong. The Nights was released on 1 December 2014 and was featured in the 2015 FIFA World Cup and used to round out year song in sports. 

● Club Foot

Club Foot is an iconic song that was featured in FIFA 13. Club Foot is made by Rock Band Kadasian. Club Foot is an inevitable song in the world of football and has made the makers a place in the Hall of Fame and truly sounded like a Premiere League Song.

● Red Morning Light 

Red Morning Light by Kings Of Leon, a pop/rock genre song that is a brilliant song to accompany copious stopover of the football game and made into the iconic trailer of the game. This was there in the 2004 World Cup. 

● Helicopter

Helicopter by Bloc Party, an English rock band gives a nostalgic feel standing out as an unforgettable song in the FIFA history of albums. Featuring in FIFA 06, Helicopter has angular, energetic guitar work, and features big players of the game. 

● I Can Talk

“I Can Talk” by Northern Irish band Two Door Cinema Club, featured in FIFA 11, solidifying FIFA 10’s effects taking the listeners to the decade back and taking indie music to the next level. 

● Born To Run 

Born to Run by K-OS was one of the popular songs of FIFA 08. With the rhythmic delivery and guitar tones, this song has everything falling into place to be the best classic of  FIFA 08. 

● Big Dreams

Bakar’s Big Dreams is a song that was borne out of the estates of London and was a very much appreciated song in FIFA 19. The punchy qualities and carefree lyrics left an impression on the game, providing care. freeness required by the Football game. 

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● My Number

‘My Number’ by Foals is one of the perfect FIFA songs in FIFA 14. Foals is a British rock band, this song is made by them and featured in FIFA 14, an EA Sports Game in a mix dubbed from Trophy Wife Remix.