Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time
Superheroes are the ones who motivate and inspire us the most in our childhood. Even they are the most liked people. While Batman, Spiderman, Flash are the few globally recognized superheroes, in India there are some other superheroes that played a key role in shaping the childhood of many kids. Indian Superheroes are the ones whom many people loved more than those of the DC and Marvel ones. Here are the 10 greatest Indian superheroes of all time.

Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time 2022

Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time
Source: Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time
1) Shaktimaan

Undoubtedly, Shaktimaan tops the list. Shaktimaan attained his superpowers through deep meditation and was capable of activating certain chakras which gave him powers.No one can forget those Sunday mornings when every Indian kid and even adults used to watch this show on the Doordarshan channel. He promotes goodwill and instills morals in kids and is a defender of truth and justice. This was a show that emphasized the importance of mediation, one’s self-worth, and realizing one’s true potential.

2) Devi

Devi is based on the warrior goddess Durga. Devi is undoubtedly one of the strongest female superheroes. She was created by the gods to help fight the evil god Bala. Fortunately, Devi defeats Bala in a fight that leaves her blind. Later Devi is reborn as a woman to help stop the awakened Bala. The famous female superhero has led various armies of gods and men against the attack on Bala. She is the epitome of courage. She is a motivation to all men and women out there.

3) Doga

One of the most popular heroes by Raj comics, Doga is a witness to a large number of crimes which makes him a sociopath. He sets out on rough training which makes it too easy to adapt of harsh environments. He believes in uprooting the problem rather than finding a solution to it. Doga’s powers are impressive. He is well versed in hand-to-hand combat, martial arts, marksmanship, and other things. He also has the ability to communicate with dogs and order them to do something for him. He could also dodge bullets using the Black pepper art.

4) Nagraj

Nagraj is one of the most iconic characters among Indian superheroes. Originally meant to destroy mankind, he later strives to protect humankind. He was the creation of professor Nagmani who decided to sell him to the highest bidder. On his first mission to steal an ancient statue, there he encounters a Sadhu who helps him to get rid of the mind control pill implanted by the evil professor. He has superpowers like shape-shifting, super healing, superhuman strength, snake bit, venomous breath making him a one-of-a-kind superhero.

5) Inspector Steel, Most Advanced Indian Hero

Inspector Amar loses his major body parts after being in a deadly accident. To save him, Doctor Anees replaces her failing organs with metal. Due to this, his brain merges with metal turning him to a cyborg. Inspector steel has an arch nemesis, a Mechanic who despise the machine and has an intention to kill him. Inspector steel has a vast arsenal of cool weapons and tech at his disposal to help him fight villains. His powers include x-ray vision, lie detector, scanners, a Mega gun which fires bullets and rockets automatically.

6) Krrish & Krrish 2

Krrish is an Indian superhero created by Rakesh Roshan and played by his son Hrithik Roshan. The story revolves around the extra-terrestrial ‘Jadoo’ who gives Krrish’s father, Rohit Mehra abilities which got transferred to his son. His powers include jumping to and from great heights, superhuman strength, and super-fast reflex actions. Dr. Siddhant Arya who wants to take over the world is his nemesis.

7) Behriya

Another superhero by the Raj Comics, Behriya is a half-human,half-wolf character. He has a good heart to help others. He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can also communicate with wolves. Behriya is well trained with different sets of weapons. Bheriya has a long list of enemies such as Kobi and Kaigula among others.

8) Shakti

Shakti is another woman superhero who wears a tiger skin and fights crime, especially the ones related to women in Delhi. Chanda who was an ordinary housewife until one day, when she discovered that her husband had been killing her daughters. Witnessing the injustice and evil, her rage opened up a volcano in her. She turns out to be the famous hero when after receiving her powers from the goddess Kali when her husband was about to kill her. She can generate fire from her bare hands and has the ability to convert any metal into a weapon. Her third eye normally covered with a headband opens in extreme situations.

9) G-One

Initially, G.One was created as a game, but when its villain Ra One escapes from the games’ virtual world, it’s up to G.One to fight him and protect the little Lucifer. The story of G-one features him as a hero in the game world. The character emerges from the game to fight his arch nemeses Ra-one when Ra-one comes to the real world and creates havoc in the world. G-One has super strength, can shoot blasts of energy from his hands. He can also shoot special bullets once the HART (Hertz Amplifying Resonance Transmitter) is put into its place. The hero has a super admirable suit that helps him in his various fights for justice.

10) Parmanu

With the special suit gifted by his paternal uncle, Vinay becomes Parmanu and fights crime and seeks revenge on the people who killed his parents and friends. With the power of atom manipulation in his special suit, he fights crime. The character can fly and also shoot simultaneous energy blasts from his arms. He can shrink his size at will. During the day, he is Inspector Vinay who is busy catching criminals.

Indian heroes do offer an interesting and inspiring story for the fans. These characters offer an excellent moral that we can instill in our life. Moreover, they have some of the best powers of all time that will leave us amazed and contended.

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