Top 10 Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu 2022 List

Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu 2022
Turkish Dramas dubbed in Urdu 2022: Over the last few years, Turkish dramas have seen an increase in the number of viewership in the homeland and even in other countries of East and West. Turkish dramas have hooked the audience with their plot, chemistry, and screenplay, providing true entertainment to the viewers. With unique and eye-catching plots and actors, the drama is spreading its wings in the international markets.
Turkish dramas are dubbed in different languages like English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and many more and have hypnotized the audience by creating magic. Several shows are available on Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and many other channels in different languages. Here is a list of the Turkish dramas dubbed in the Urdu language in 2022 that one cannot miss.
Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu 2022
Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu 2022

Turkish Dramas Dubbed in Urdu 2022 List

  • Duy Beni
  • Baba
  • Sen Anlat Karadeniz
  • Emanet
  • Sahane Damat
  • Kara Para Ask
  • Erkenci Kus
  • Kaderimin Oyunu
  • Yalniz Kurt
  • Annemizi Saklarken
● Duy Beni
Duy Beni aka Hear Me is the new Turkish drama that is available in Urdu and Duy Beni is a high school tragedy teen drama starring Rabia Soyturk, Caner Topcu, Ege Kökenli, and Helin Kandemir in the lead roles. Duy Beni premiered in July and depicts student life and their progress, leaving a striking impression on the audience. 
● Baba
Baba aka Father is one of the most interesting and most watched series on the list. Starring Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş in the lead roles, Baba seems to be a change from the regular plot of the Turkish dramas and shows a significant change in the advancement of the storyline, and character building. Baba portrays the life of Emin, his offenses towards his brother and the plot takes a turn after the tragic plane crash and this series shows the domestic setting to the audience in an interesting way. 
● Sen Anlat Karadeniz
Sen Anlat Karadeniz stars Ulaş Tuna Astepe, and İrem Helvacıoğlu in the lead roles and was telecasted in January 2018, now available in the Urdu language. It is an emotional love story that follows the life of Nefes who was married at an early age and her struggles to escape from the abuse of her husband. 
● Emanet
One of the most popular TV series, Emanet (Legacy) is a series that follows the life of a successful arrogant businessman named Yanam and a girl called Seher and stars Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, Sıla Türkoğlu in the lead roles. Released in 2020, Emanet is available to watch in Urdu.
● Sahane Damat
Sahane Damat also known as Perfect Groom in English was a TV series that aired back in 2016 and now is available in different languages. Sahane Damat follows the life of an aspiring journalist, Melike, and a famous surgeon Mehmet. The series is a romantic comedy that will entertain the audience to the next level
● Kara Para Ask
Kara Para Ask is an action, romance, Crime, and Mystery drama series which was the top-rated among Turkish Dramas. Kara Para Ask’s plot revolves around money laundering and murder incidents and how the leads are suffered due to this. Offering a roller coaster ride, Kara Para Ask stars Engin Akyürek, Tuba Büyüküstün, Saygin Soysal, Ali Yörenc, Bestemsu Özdemir, and Damla Colbay.
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● Erkenci Kus
Erkenci Kus or daydreamer is a romantic comedy-drama having Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir in the lead roles. Erkenci Kus is available in the Urdu language for the viewers giving a spice of range and comedy. 
● Kaderimin Oyunu
Kaderimin Oyunu stars Öykü Karayel, Akin Akinözü, Meric Aral, Yildirm Özcan , Sarp Apak, Iraz Akçam and is an emotional, thriller, tragedy, and romantic series that premiered in 2021 and follows the life of a young mother, Asiye who being the single parent has to raise her two kids on her own. Kaderimin Oyunu is available in Urdu and is one of the best series to watch in 2022. 
● Yalniz Kurt
Yalniz Kurt is a Turkish drama that has a solid plot, cast, and acting, reflecting the sacrifices and intelligence of the Turkish military after independence. Hasan Denizyaran plays the role of a street fighter who wants to avenge his father’s murder and  Cihan Ünal also plays an important role in the series. 
● Annemizi Saklarken
Annemizi Saklarken is a new Turkish drama with a unique and different story that is about Handan, who is a young mother of three children and wishes to marry the right man to make things better and has turning events in every corner of the episode. Annemizi Saklarken is available in Urdu for drama lovers to watch. 
Disclaimer; The above information and Drama list are not according to any order and are taken from some media reports and are subjected to changes.