Victoria Caceres Curo Biografia: Aunt Vicky Edad, Career, Family and Wikipedia

Victoria Caceres Curo

Understood in tacna as the ‘aunt Vicky, victoria caceres curo was a Peruvian businesswoman. Despite originating from a low-income family, they created a vast and millionaire empire of hotelsliquor stores, taps, and stockroom.

Victoria Caceres Curo
Victoria Caceres Curo

Although she passed away in 2018 because of a major illness, the supposed ‘aunt Vicky has left an essential tradition to all Peruvian business owners. Given that her life stood for a fantastic example of renovation. 

Victoria Caceres Age and Biography 

Victoria Caceres was born in the remote town of ilave (a lot) in 1944. Fed up with poverty and household troubles, she left her home and transferred to Tacna when she was 12 years old. Upon her arrival, she struck handle wealthy family members. that would supply her sanctuary and food in exchange for doing household chores for them.

Victoria Caceres Career, Family 

Periodically, her companies gave her small pointers to get garments and hygiene products. She conserved each sol to set up her very own business someday. Vicky did not have the opportunity to head to college; nonetheless, she was recognized as a specialist lady handling her accounts, which she used to keep with pen and pencil. It is said that she was outstanding with enhancement and also multiplication.

 When she came of age, Victoria made the most of her cost savings to start a small business offering lemons in the city of Tacna market square. Over the years and thanks to her strict feeling of conserving. The woman began to increase her organization to sell other items, such as veggies and eggs. 

Bit by bit, she and her spouse began to see the fruit of their initiatives; hence, each time, they earned a large amount of money. They spent it on land situated in various locations in the city of Tacna. Their first home, for example, was acquired for 10,000 bucks; after that, they developed many business properties on that particular story, which they leased to different vendors, boosting their profits. Thus began his realm. 

How did ‘aunt Vicky end up being a millionaire? 

Among his accommodations, the “grand hotel victoria” is valued at 3 million, according to what the businesswoman told the punto final program, on Latin regularity. On top of that, she has 4 faucets, 10 shops, and many liquor stores. As it did? 

He says work is his primary task, and he stands up early every day to be aware of every piece of information in his company. Although she did not know precisely how to check out and did not go to the institution. she keeps accounts with paper and a pen and has the help of accountants and computer system programs. 

It should be noted that for several years, “auntie Vicky” was charged with accumulating her ton of money through contraband and money laundering. But, she confirmed her virtue, and the properties that the federal government seized were returned to her. 

When did ‘aunt Vicky die? 

On September 16, 2018, victoria Caceres curo was admitted to the daniel Alcides carrión hospital in an emergency due to a complicated disease. Regrettably, on Friday, September 28, her fatality was validated at 74. 

The prominent ‘auntie Vicky’s remains were buried that same weekend in the Parque del Recuerdo burial ground. Also, her family, friends, and many citizens attended her wake, which contained blossom setups. 

What recognition did ‘auntie Vicky’ get? 

Victoria Caceres got a recognition resolution for her gran resort, victoria, among the most popular establishments on the Bolognesi method. It must be kept in mind that this was not the only resort that ‘auntie Vicky routed, yet it had others that needed to be centralized.

Victoria Caceres endured losing one of her kids when he was 31. He was killed when the vehicle he was driving was burglarized, which was a deliberate act. As disclosed by “aunt Vicky” herself, she obtained a call from somebody that asked her for s/ 2,000 to reveal the identity of her executioner. She challenged him, and the culprit confessed that it was the target’s chauffeur who intended the burglary. This way, he managed to hand the topic over to the authorities.


The moment they asked ‘aunt Vicky for 50000 soles so as not to drop her. In 2015, the widely known businesswoman victoria ceres curo reported a grievance to the authorities for the supposed criminal activity of extortion. 

According to ‘auntie Vicky to the PNP, an unknown person had left a manila envelope with a note on bond paper dealing with her person. In it, she needed to pay a sum of s/50.000 so as not to threaten his life and that of his household.  The examinations of the situation were performed in reserve by a group of depicted agents.

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