Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 2

Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 2: In this article, we will talk about Vikrant Rona move 2bnsd day box office collection and we will also have a look at Vikrant Rona Day 1 box office collection. Vikrant Rona Was released on July 28, 2022, in worldwide theaters in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages and the movie got a wonderful response and movie has collected a good amount on its day  1 and now also on its 2-day box office collection. If you are planning to watch the Vikrant Rona movie on its second day if you haven’t watched it on its first day you can watch this movie in your near theater. Vikrant Rona movie is highly recommended for you and for one time watch this movie really amazing it will take you to the thriller ride. 

Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 2
Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 2

Kiccha Sudeep’s performance and Anup Bhandari’s direction really made this movie a mind-blowing movie. Vikrant Rona movie tells the story of an officer called Vikrant Rona, who comes to the tropical rainforest because in the village it starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events which they attribute to the supernatural and the officer solves the mystery behind the unexplainable events and  A mysterious game unfolds where everyone in the village is a potential victim and everyone is a suspect. 

Vikrant Rona is an Indian Kannada-language Action Adventure Fantasy drama film and this movie is a big project of the Kannada film industry and the makers also invested a high budget in this movie and the makers are confident enough that they will get back the budget with more p[rofit because the movie is performing very well in India and the makers already celebrating the success of the Vikrant Rona. 

Vikrant Rona film is performing very well in Karnataka but in the Hindi language, the movie is performing decently because the movie is getting mixed reviews in the Hindi belt, some people are loving this movie and some people are not liking this movie, this is because of the movie story. Vikrant Rona movie story is not made for all, the story has many twists and turns and some people don’t get this movie. This reason affected the Vikrant Rona box office collection. 

On day 1 Vikrant Rona movie performed very well in south India and in some of the north Indian states also it performed very well, as a result, Vikrant Rona movie has collected more than Rs 22-23 Crores in all languages. The movie has already collected more than 7 crores on its advance booking.

Vikrant Rona Box Office Collection Day 2 Worldwide Prediction

In the Kannada language the film has collected more than 20 crores in India and in overseas it has collected more than 2 crores and in the Hindi language, it has collected less than 1 crore. Now Vikrant Rona is on its second day at the box office and it’s still getting a good response from the public in Karnataka and in north India it is not getting a positive sign.

Vikrant Rona may be a disappointment for the Hindi distributors. On day 2, Vikrant Rona might collect more than 20 crores in the Kannada language and in the Hindi language it may collect 0.50 cores and in oversees, Vikrant Rona may collect more than 2 crores on its day 2 box office collection, as it is a weekend and people will go to the theaters with more numbers and movie will get the advantage of that. 

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Vikrant Rona Movie Wiki & Info

Movie; Vikrant Rona

Type; Indian Kannada-language Action, Adventure drama film

Language; Kannada 

Industry; Sandalwood 

Cast; Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ravishankar Gowda

Director; Anup Bhandari

Producer; Shalini Jack Manju, Alankar Pandian

Banner; Kichcha Creations, Shalini Arts,

Invenio Films India

Distributor; Kichcha Creations, Shalini Arts,

Invenio Films India

Writer; Anup Bhandari

Release Date; 28 July 2022 

Music; B Ajaneesh Loknath

Budget; ₹95 crores

Cinematography; William David

Country Origin; India 

First Day Box Office Collection; Rs.23-24 crores (Prediction)

Second Day Box Office Collection; Rs. 20-22 crores (Prediction

Total Box Office Collection Prediction; more than Rs.150 crores estimated

Disclaimer; the above-given number of Vikrant Rona movie is just a prediction and the collection may fluctuate.

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