Alternative for Internet Explorer 2022 Known and famous Internet Explorer has announced its retirement on June 15, 2022, after serving the people for 27 years.  

Internet Explorer, led by the big IT company Microsoft was launched in 1995 and since then it was serving the people and now Microsoft announced that it will no longer support  

This 27-year-old dominant web browser is ready to join the trash bin in of tech history. The retirement of Internet Explorer shortly abbreviated as IE is not a surprise as Microsoft had already announced the news officially a year ago. 

Tech giant, Microsoft 1995 released the first version of Internet Explorer in the era when web surfing was dominated by the popular browser, Netscape Navigator, and was responsible for the end of this web browser. 

Internet Explorer Alternative Browser 2022

Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best alternative browsers people look into. Developed by Google


2) Opera: Opera is the best browser if one loves collecting content. With great security features, built-in interface 

2) Opera 

3). Mozilla Firefox: is the best browser for privacy protection and power usage. One of the best and favorite browsers all over the globe, 

3) Mozilla Firefox 

An alternative to Internet Explorer launched by Microsoft itself, is based on Chromium engine is a more lot more like Chrome is a very fast.

4) Microsoft Edge 

One of the best browsers with maximum features for personalization, shortcut controls, navigation UI, multi-tab viewing on simultaneous, unique docking 

5) Vivaldi

As the advancement in technologies came by, new sites and browsers have come up for surfing which is more reliable, fast, and secure.  

It was one of the most popular web browsers back then but as new technologies came in front people complained of IE is slow, prone to crashing, and More. 

The shares also began to diminish gradually and sensing this Microsoft launched Microsoft Edge and is encouraging the customers to switch to this web browser.