Dead by Daylight Attack on Titan Crossover is on the way to hit the screens. Dead by Daylight has recently revealed the next crossover that is popular manga/anime, Attack on Titan.

It is the the Sixth Anniversary broadcast for Dead by Daylight, and on this special location Dead by Daylight announced the Dead by Daylight X Attack on Titan crossover.

Popular Survival Game Dead by Daylight is trending now because it's now collaborating with Attack on Titan  

Dead by Daylight also confirmed that players can receive charms for logging in and they can also purchase the skins.

Multiplayer horror title Dead by Daylight revealed the look of Dead by Daylight X Attack on Titan.

Players will get to see You will get Dwight Fairfield as Eren Yeager, Zarina Kassir as Hange Zoë and The Oni as the Armored Titan.

Dead by Daylight recently released its crossover with Stranger Things content, and after that they removed it. 

Players can be receive charms like Cadet Corps Charm: this you will get when you Log into Dead by Daylight during the Mid-Chapter release