Who Was Ștefania Mărăcineanu?

Ștefania Mărăcineanu was a popular Romanian physicist. Ștefania Mărăcineanu died on August 15, 1944, at the age of 62 years in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania.  


On June 18, 2022, Google Doodle celebrates physicist Ștefania Mărăcineanu’s 140th birthday.  

Ștefania Mărăcineanu's Thesis are Recherches sur la constante du polonium et sur la pénétration des substances radioactives dans les métaux (1924) 

Ștefania Mărăcineanu was born on 18 June 1882 in Bucharest, Kingdom of Romania, and in 1944 her age was 62 years. Ștefania Mărăcineanu was born to her father Sebastian Mărăcineanu and to her mother Sevastia. 

Ștefania Mărăcineanu completed her school studies at Central School for Girls high school and later she completed her college studies at the University of Bucharest 

She graduated with a degree in physical and chemical sciences. After completing her graduation, she started her teaching career and she worked as a teacher at the Central School for Girls in Bucharest 

She also studied radioactivity at the Sorbonne with Marie Curie and Ștefania Mărăcineanu and received her Ph.D. from the Radium Institute. Ștefania Mărăcineanu later retired from her work in 1942. 

Ștefania Mărăcineanu has served as the corresponding member of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Physics section and she was the Director of Research.