Who is Camila Homs? Rodrigo de paul Ex girlfriend Edad, nacionalidad, Biografia, Age 2023

Camila Homs

Camila Homs is a popular Argentinian Model, Social media influencer, and also an Ex-girlfriend of Rodrigo De Paul, who is a popular Argentinian Football player who was in the squad of FIFA World Cup 2022 Team.

Camila Homs came to the limelight after she started dating Rodrigo De Paul the couple dated for more than a decade but after that, at the end of 2021, the couple separated. Camila Homs is now a single mother of two children who are the children of Rodrigo de Paul. Now in this article, we will read the whole biography of Camila Homs.

Camila Homs
Camila Homs

Camila Homs Edad and Biografia

Camila Homs was born on December 2, 1995, in Buenos Aires, Argentina after that she moves to Spain and currently staying in Udine, Italy. Camila Homs is currently a 27-year-old woman as of 2023 and she is a model and social media influencer by profession.


Camila Homs has Argentinian and Italian nationality as per reports. Camila Homs is of Argentinian descent. Camila Homs is known for being the ex-girlfriend of the Argentinian attacking midfielder for La Liga club Atlético Madrid and the Argentina national football team Rodrigo De Paul.

Camila Homs Career 

Camila Homs started her career as a model which she starred after her social media fan following was raised because of her ex-boyfriend Rodrigo De Paul. Camila Homs is a brand ambassador for many popular brands she is the owner of her own brand Marina Martorell and she is also a brand promoter of Mentor, Biznet Sports, Joyas Nucelle jewelry, Charo Store, and Pompavana. Camila Homs was featured in Gente magazine. Camila Homs won the award of The Most Clicked 2022 by Ciudad Magazine.

Camille Homs’s Parents

Camila Homs was born to her father Horacio Homs and mother Liliana Frontan and she is the eldest of three daughters. Camila Homs father was a trade unionist who was involved in controversy and was investigated and arrested for his eccentric life. After being an escaped for a week from his business relationship with the former general secretary of the UOCRA de La Plata, Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, he was arrested in 2017. Camila Homs was raised with her two sisters.

About Camila Homs Boyfriend

As per reports Camila Homs is currently single and not dating anyone but she was been in a deep relationship with her childhood love Rodrigo De Paul, who is a popular Argentinian Football player. Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs met and began a relationship when she was barely 15 years old and he was 17.

In 2014, the couple packed their bags and as a super consolidated couple, they left for Spain. Then Two years later, they continued their life in Italy where they lived for 5 years after that Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs became parents for the first time in 2019 after she have birth to his daughter Francesca and later a son Bautista born two years later, as per reports they say that the couple’s crisis already existed, so that days after the birth, both would have signed a separation agreement focused on community property. Currently, as per reports, Rodrigo De Paul is dating actress and singer Tini Stoessel.

Camila Homs Net Worth 

Camila Homs is a world-famous model who is mainly popular in Argentina, Italy, and Spain. Camila Homs is a brand promoter and she has collaborated with many popular brands including fashion, clothing, cosmetics, and others. Camila Homs is one of the highest-paid models in Argentina and her net worth is estimated as something between $1-2 Million. 

Height And Weight (Physical Statistics)

Camila Homs is a very glamorous model and many people like her because of her perfect height and weight. As per reports and by watching her pictured she looks like she is 5 feet 8 inches tall and her weight is nearly 55 kilograms. Camila Homs has blonde hair and she has hazel-gray eyes.


Who is Camila Homs?

Camila Homs is an Argentinian Model and the ex-girlfriend of La Liga club Atlético Madrid and the Argentina national football team star Rodrigo De Paul.

How Old Is Camila Homs?

Camila Homs is 27 years old.

What is the nationality of Camila Homs?

Camila Homs has Argentinian and Italian nationality as per reports.

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