Who is Jho Rovero? John Andrew Schimmer Wife, Age and Cause Of Death

Jho Rovero

Jho Rovero is a Filipino Actor, Model, and social media influencer but she is mainly known for being the wife of John Andrew Schimmer, who is a well-known Filipino Actor, Media face, Bodybuilder, and model.

Jho Rovero
Who is Jho Rovero? John Andrew Schimmer Wife, Age, and Cause Of Death

Jho Rovero is now resting in peace as she died on December 20, 2022, her husband John Andrew Schimmer shared a video on Facebook announcing her death and after her death, people are eagerly waiting to know Jho Rovero’s cause of death and in this article, we will first know that only and after that, we will go head towards her career and family details. 

How Jho Rovero Died? Cause Of Death

Jho Rovero recently suffered from Cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia. John Andrew Schimmer’s wife Jho Rovero was hospitalized a long back and was getting her medical treatment for many months his husband has told that his wife is suffering from severe asthmatic and on December 20, 2022, her husband told that his wife Asthmatic problem caused Congestive heart failure and hypoxia and the supply of oxygen to her brain was stopped and because of that she lost her life.

Jho Rovero Career

Jho Rovero started her career as a model and later she became an actress but she didn’t get fame till she married John Andrew Schimmer and after marriage, she became an internet sensation. Jho Rovero has worked in many commercials and TV series and she has gained quite good popularity through her work.

Age and Biography

Jho Rovero’s full name is Jorhomy Rovero. Jho Rovero was landed on this earth or born on July 11 may be between 1987-1992 and she may be in her 30-35 years of age. Jorhomy Rovero was born in a small town in the Philippines and she was living in Manila. Jorhomy Rovero was a professional Model and actress by her profession and she had Filipino ethnicity. 

John Andrew Schimmer Wife

Jho Rovero was a married female and as per reports Jho Rovero has been in a relationship with John Andrew Schimmer for many years. Jho Rovero and John Andrew Schimmer were made for each other and they married each other some time back and they were living a happy married life but now John Andrew Schimmer was left alone by Jho Rovero and he is very emotional while watching her dead on the hospital bed. 

Jho Rovero Physical Statistics (Height and Weight)

If we talk about her height and weight she is approx 5 feet 6 inches tall approx and has nearly 57 kg weight which if we convert in centimeters will be 166 cm and 1.6 meters and about weight, it is 125 pounds approx.


Jho Rovero is a Filipino Actress, Model, and social media influencer and the wife of celebrity John Andrew Schimmer.

Jho Rovero is 30-35 years old.

John Andrew Schimmer was the husband of Jho Rovero. 

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