Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan, who was a voice teacher for Operation Triumph 4, has died. This has been confirmed by the account of the talent show on social networks. Where they wanted to send a “warmer and more affectionate hug for their family and friends.”

Laura Jordan
Who is Laura Jordan Voice Teacher? Age, Biography, Wiki, Cause Of Death and What Happened

The warmest and most affectionate hug for her family and friends. D.E.P”. At the moment, the causes of her death have not been disclosed. Jordan, who trained at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles (United States), had also been a backup singer for the Barcelona band Los Elefantes and Marcos Llunas. In recent years, she has worked as a teacher in the Modern Music and Jazz Classroom of the Liceo de Mataro.

Who is Laura Jordan Voice Teacher? Biography 

The Barcelona singer’s time at the Operacion Triunfo academy was vital for the participants in the first edition broadcast on Telecinco to become the artists they have become today.

Among them, Soraya and Edurne, who have been the contestants in that edition have had the most travel in the television world after the fact. Also, it is impossible not to remember Sergio Rivero from the Canary Islands, the winner of 2005.

As well as Víctor Estevez, who gave some of the most exciting performances with his voice. And it is that this singer from Barcelona was soon interpreted as Michael Buble in Europe.

Laura Jordan Details and professional life 

The singer, born in Barcelona, was currently teaching at the Modern Music and Jazz Classroom at the Liceu de Mataro. Mourning the world of music, and especially that of the Operacion Triunfo family. The former voice teacher of the competition Laura Jordan died this Monday, as confirmed by the program itself. 

Laura Jordan Age and Life 

Jordan, born in Barcelona, had been part of the teachers of Operacion Triunfo in the 2005 edition. “We regret the loss of Laura Jordan, who has left us too soon”, lamented the account of the program through a tweet. In he also sent “the warmest and most affectionate hug” for his family and friends. The causes of his death are currently unknown. Laura Jordan’s age is 45 years old.

The Catalan singer also trained among great artists such as Gianni Pellegrino and Mike Campbell and also studied at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. After participating in more programs such as La noche abierta de La 2. She was currently teaching as a teacher in the Modern Music and Jazz Classroom at the Liceu de Mataro.

Laura Jordan Summary 

Laura Jordan was in charge of training all these artists vocally to turn them into singers. For this, she had the support of a faculty-led by Kike Santander, Manu Guix, Angel Llacer, Edith Salazar, Miryam Benedited, Rafael Amargo, Ruben Olmo, Jessica Exposito, and Saul Garrido.

In recent years, she worked as a teacher at the Liceo de Mataro. Jordan’s career went far beyond the talent show. In fact, some may remember her from her time as a singer in the open night program presented by Pedro Ruiz on La 2, or by its many advertisements to which he gave a voice.

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