Who is Monika Dejk-Ćwikła? Age, Death, Career, Wiki, Cause Of Death, Husband

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a well-known polish Musician, Musical Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Recording artist, and band member. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a member of the OBRASQi. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła died in December 2022 at the age of 33 years her body was found by the police as the search was carried out on Tuesday, December 13 and it has been completed in Kartuzy where police found the body. After this, the member of the rock band OBRASQi paid the tribute and the fans also paid the tributes.

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła
Monika Dejk-Ćwikła

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła Cause of Death

As per reports Monika Dejk-Ćkła died saving her beloved Goya, a dog with whom she left the house at an estate on the 20th anniversary of the People’s Republic of Poland in Kartuzy for a walk and as per her Husband they went for the longest walk and after that on December 13 police started to search and unfortunately,

After two days, a police drone spotted the woman’s body floating in the lake and the dog’s body was also found shortly thereafter. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła’s husband Tomasz Ćkła, spoke!  My heart breaks at these words.

One of the hypotheses says that the woman could have jumped after the dog into the lake to save him.  As we read in numerous comments on the web, it would be similar to her, because she had a good heart and surrounded animals with great love.

Career and Songs

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła started her music career at a very young age. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is known for her songs like Siła zakazanych westchnień, Świt co znajdzie głos, Mój grudzień, Obiecaj, Nie budź, Mroczne pragnienia, Najtrudniej, Nie czując nic, Szepty ciszy, Najbardziej ciemny świt, Cień, Nieobowiązkowe, and many more.

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła has recorded more than 25 songs and she has recorded many albums. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a member of the OBRASQi. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a member of the OBRASQi band. OBRASQi band is 5he winner of the Open Mic.

Biography and Age

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła was born in 1989 and she was 33 years old. she was born in Poland and has Polish nationality. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is of Polish descent and she has Polish ethnicity. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a Musician, Musical Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Recording artist, and band member by profession.

Marital Status and Husband

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a married woman, Monika Dejk-Ćwikła married Tomasz Ćkła. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła was a dog lover and she had a Labrador breed.

Physical Statistics

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła had 5 feet 9 inches (174 cm, 1.7 m) in Height approx and 65 kg (143 Pounds) in Weight approx. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła had brown eyes and brown colored hair.

Parents and Siblings

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła a Polish native and she was also born in Poland only. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła spent her childhood with her siblings and her family always supported her in her music career. Monika Dejk-Ćwikła started singing at a very young age and she also participated in many music competitions and also won many of them.

Social Media Handle

Instagram: monikadc_


Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is a Polish Musician, Musical Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Recording artist, and a member of OBRASQi.

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła is 33 years old.

Monika Dejk-Ćwikła was Born in Poland.

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