Ramesh Chauhan

Most experienced Indian Businessman Ramesh Chauhan, who is a Chairperson of the bottled water brand Bisleri. Ramesh Chauhan is trending now because Tatas is going to acquire Bisleri for up to ₹7,000 crores as per Reports. After this recession, Ramesh Chauhan’s wife and family are also thinking about this decision with Ramesh Chauhan as it is their family business.

Ramesh Chauhan
Ramesh Chauhan

Ramesh Chauhan’s daughter is also a partner in the Bisleri company and after selling this Ramesh Chauhan’s net worth will increase as she gets ₹7,000 crores after selling Bisleri.

Who is Ramesh Chauhan?

Ramesh Chauhan started his career at a very young age and when he became 27 years old, he introduced bottled mineral water to the Indian Market, at a time when buying it was unheard of. To get a good start Parle Exports bought Bisleri from an Italian entrepreneur in the year 1969 and started selling mineral water in India.

Ramesh Chauhan’s 52 years of experience, leadership, and vision have made Bisleri a brand name synonymous with mineral water, a household name, and the leader in the bottled mineral water industry. 

Ramesh Chauhan has also launched various other brands like Premium Natural Mineral Water brands Vedica, ThumsUp, Gold Spot, Citra, Maaza, and Limca. 

In 2016 Ramesh Chauhan re-entered the soft drinks segment, launching “Bisleri POP”, which has four different flavors Spicy, Limonata, Fonzo, and PinaColada.

Ramesh Chauhan’s Rainwater Harvesting

Bisleri is also in the rainwater harvesting business, which has built and restored 46 check dams across the South of Gujarat till 2016, which alone harvests over 10 billion liters of water every year. Bisleri plants also give around 7 million liters of water a year.

Ramesh Chauhan’s PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Recycling Business 

Ramesh Chauhan also started a plastic recycling business in 1995, where it collects 600 tonnes of PET a year and Bisleri earned the Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records, in the year 2015, for the highest amount of PET bottles collected in 8 hours.

Ramesh Chauhan Age

Ramesh Chauhan was born on 17th June 1940 and Ramesh Chauhan is 1982 years old. Ramesh Chauhan was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Indian nationality holder Ramesh Chauhan is a Businessman/Entrepreneur by profession.

Ramesh Chauhan also started Ozone Therapy, which is an inexpensive alternative to medical treatments, where it is a preventive measure and also to cure various ailments such as cancer, knee osteoarthritis, sinusitis, etc.

Ramesh Chauhan Family

Ramesh Chauhan’s father Mr. Jayantilal and mother Mrs. Jaya Chauhan gave birth to Ramesh Chauhan at Purandare hospital in Mumbai, India on June 17, 1940. Ramesh Chauhan was raised with his brother. Ramesh Chauhan’s youngest brother’s name is Prakash Chauhan, he handles Parle Agro, the company that owns the Frooti brand, and Bailey.

Ramesh Chauhan Wife and Daughter

Married man Ramesh Chauhan married Zainab Chauhan, who is a part of the top management at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. Ramesh Chauhan’s wife Zainab Chauhan is Bisleri’s First Lady. Ramesh Chauhan has a daughter named Jayanti Chauhan, who is the Vice Chairperson of Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

Ramesh Chauhan Height and Weight 

Approx 5 feet 7 inches tall Ramesh Chauhan’s weight is 65 kg as per reports and he has black hair and black color eyes. Ramesh Chauhan is of Indian descent. 


Ramesh Chauhan completed his school studies at a private school in Mumbai and after that, he went abroad for his higher education and got a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management at the age of 22 years he was post graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Net Worth

Ramesh Chauhan is one of the richest men in the country and he is a billionaire. Ramesh Chauhan publicly holds 61 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 869.1 Cr.


Ramesh Chauhan is the Chairperson of Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

Ramesh Chauhan is 80 years old.

Ramesh Chauhan is from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Zainab Chauhan is the wife of Ramesh Chauhan.  

Ramesh J Chauhan

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