Stetson Wright

Stetson Wright is an American Cowboy and a Bull Rider. Stetson Wright is a 3-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy and a 2020 World Champion Bull Rider. Stetson Wright also won many other dozens of titles and people know him as one of the most successful Cowboy or a Bull Rider. Stetson Wright came to the limelight after he won his first title in 2019. After that people started knowing about Stetson Wright’s age and his wife’s name and other details.

Stetson Wright
Stetson Wright

Who is Stetson Wright?

Stetson Wright is an award-winning Cowboy and a Bull Rider & Stetson Wright secures his first win in the Saddle Bronc Riding with a 90.5-point Ride for Round 8. Stetson Wright is currently ranked at No.2 in the World Standings with $299,887 in earnings. Stetson Wright won the 2021 World standings place 1st (AA), 3rd (BR), and 1st (SB). In 2021 Wrangler NFR placed 4th (BR), and 8th (SB).

Stetson Wright has won over 45 Professional 2022 All-Around competitions including Saddle Bronc Riding and more than 16 Bull Riding competitions. Stetson Wright is a current #4 WORLD Saddle Bronc Riding rider and worlds #1 WORLD Bull Riding rider. Stetson Wright won the 6 (AA, 2019-2022) (BR, 2020) (SB, 2021) World Titles, and 7 (BR, 2019-2022) (SB, 2020-22) Wrangler NFR Qualifications.


Stetson Wright and Ky Hamilton are traveling partners. Stetson Wright is one of the youngest and richest Cowboy in the state. Stetson Wright also learned horse riding and he started Riding horses and Bull at a very young age. Stetson Wright started his professional riding career at the age of 19 years.

Age and Biography

Stetson Wright was born in the year 1999 on 1 August and he is currently a 23-year-old boy. he is a Cowboy and a Bull Rider by profession. Stetson Wright is a Cowboy at Rodeo. Stetson Wright was born in Milford, Utah, in the United States. Stetson Wright is an American citizen and he has American White caucasian ethnicity. Stetson Wright started his career in 2018. Stetson Wright is currently living in Beaver, Utah, United States. Stetson Wright’s Horoscope or Zodiac Sign is Leo.

Educational Qualification

Stetson Wright completed his school education at Milford (Utah) High School and later attended a Private college in Utah and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. 

Stetson Wright Wife

Stetson Wright is a married man and also a father of a daughter. Stetson Wright married at the age of 21 and is now 23 years old. Stetson Wright married his longtime girlfriend CallieRey Lowe in 2020. Stetson Wright and CallieRey Lowe are now the parents of a 2-year-old daughter Kingsley Rey born on January 8, 2020. Stetson Wright’s wife CallieRey Lowe is a Hairstylist.

Stetson Wright Physical Statistics (Height and Weight)

Stetson Wright stands 5 feet 8 inches tall which is 172 centimeters and 1.7 meters. Stetson Wright weighs 63 kg which is 140 pounds. Stetson Wright has a lean build body and he has ginger hair color and brown eyes.

Parents and Brothers

Stetson Wright was born to his mother Sharee Wright and father Cody Wright. His parents are the most important persons in his life & they have supported him throughout his career and he is always there for him during his injuries. Stetson Wright was raised with his three very close brothers Rusty Wright, and Ryder Wright, and one sister named Lily Wright. Stetson Wright’s father and brother are rodeo champions.

Net Worth

Stetson Wright has won many competitions and currently, he is the No. 1 in the world. Stetson Wright has won many prizes in his career. In 2021 Wrangler NFR Stetson Wright earned $138,889 (BR), and $150,428 (SB), and his 2021 earnings are $585,850 (AA), $343,524 (SB), and $342,989. Stetson Wr940t’s total earnings are (BR)$927,940. Stetson Wright has an estimated reported net worth of nearly $2 Million.


Ans, Stetson Wright is a 23-year-old American Cowboy and a Bull Rider, a 3-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy, and a 2020 World Champion Bull Rider.

Ans. Stetson Wright is 23 years old.

Ans. CallieRey Lowe is the wife of Stetson Wright. 

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