Who is Thai Selvam Director? Age, Death, Family, Biography and Wife

Thai Selvam

‘Newton’s 3rd Law’ director Thai Selvam is no more in this world as he died on December 15, 2022, at the age of 50-60. As per reports, he died by sudden death and no one knows the cause of death except his family members & Thai Selvam was living a private life so no one knows anything about his personal life except us. Some reports are saying that he died after suffering from a cardiac arrest. If you are a fan of his movies and serials then you must read his personal details here. 

Thai Selvam
Thai Selvam

Who is Thai Selvam Director? Cause Of Death

Thai Selvam was a well knwon Indian film and serial director & he has directed dozens of films and serials & he is mainly popular in Tamil Nadu as he worked mainly in the Tamil industry. Thai Selvam was well known for his serials like ‘Melanaragam’, ‘Nam Iruvar Nadhu Iruvar’ and ‘Eramana Rojave 2’.

Thai Selvam also directed some popular films such as ‘Newton’s 3rd Law’ which was released in 2009 starring SJ Surya. Thai Selvam also became famous for directing various small-screen serials. Thai Selvam is knwon for directing small-screen serials like ‘Maunaragam’ and ‘Nam Iruvar Nagu Iruvar’ which are aired on private television. During the time of his death, he was directing the serial ‘Eramana Rojave 2’.

Biography And Age

Thai Selvam was born between 1962-1972 and he is nearly 50 to 60 years old as per reports he was born in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Thai Selvam had Indian nationality and he was of Indian descent and has Indian brown ethnicity. Thai Selvam was a film director and writer by profession. 

Thai Selvam Wife

Thai Selvam’s wife’s name is hidden behind the limelight as he was living a private life and he never revealed his wife’s name. he kept his children and wife away from the industry because of the privacy. 

Height and Weight

Thai Selvam had an expected Height of 5 feet 8 inches approx and as per reports, he had an average weight which is nearly 154 pounds which comes to 70 kilograms approx. Thai Selvam has black hair but it somehow looks gravy color and he had black eyes.

Thai Selvam Parents and Siblings

Thai Selvam was raised in Tamilnadu with his siblings watching movies and serials with his parents and family. Thai Selvam’s parents supported him in his career and they were also watching his serials and films. 


Thai Selvam was a former Indian film and serial director knwon for directing ‘Newton’s 3rd Law’, Melanaragam’, ‘Nam Iruvar Nadhu Iruvar’ and ‘Eramana Rojave 2’.

Thai Selvam is 50-60 years old.

Thai Selvam was Born in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

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